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Red cabbage raita - Plattershare - Recipes, food stories and food lovers

Red cabbage raita

Red cabbage raitaThis deeper colour vegetables have been shown to help prevent cancer, fight chronic illnesses and strengthen the immune system. Despite their health benefits 90% people don't get enough…

Patrani machhi - Plattershare - Recipes, food stories and food lovers

Patrani machhi

Patrani machhi. Baked on banana leaves. Easy to prepare this tasty recipe. Marinate and cover with fried masala. Each fish for each person. I am cooking 2 fish.

Masala Bater

Masala Bater

Masala bater. Quail meat is known as Bater meat in India. It is delicious and highly nutritious. There are numerous health benefits in quail meat. It is rich in protein…

Moringa flowers basanti dal - Plattershare - Recipes, food stories and food lovers

Moringa flowers basanti dal

Moringa flowers basanti dal. Spring season which is basant ritu. In this season people infected with different types of viruses and bacterial infection. Moringa tree is a medicinal plant and…

Green peas paste curry

Green peas paste curry

Green peas paste curryDuring winter season we get farm fresh green peas which has different taste. I prepared a curry with green peas paste. We can have along with any…

Methi papri curry

Methi papri curry

Methi papri curryFenugreek leaves is one of the winter seasonal veggies. We are using Fenugreek leaves in different ways. I made the curry with some methi saag (Fenugreek leaves) papri.

Methi chilla

Methi ka chilla

Methi ka chillaThose who are diabetic they search for healthy and suitable recipe. Here I made chilla with Fenugreek leaves on iron griddle.

Capsicum with Chestnuts - Plattershare - Recipes, food stories and food lovers

Capsicum with Chestnuts

Capsicum with chestnutsI am using Indian chestnuts which is very good for diabetic health. It has low fibre and also help to balance blood sugar level. Chestnuts are not also…

Amla Chutney, Indian Gooseberry

Amla chutney

Amla ChutneyIndian Gooseberry is known as Amla which is a natural source of vitamin C. According to Ayurveda regular use of amla is a best tonic. It helps to improve…

Sanchi kumror chakka

Sanchi kumror chakka

Sanchi kumror chakka (raw pumpkin)Raw pumpkin rich in beta-carotene and fantastic source of fiber. It contains essential fatty acids and reduce cholesterol. For women decreases the risk of osteoporosis after…

Zucchini Curry

Zucchini Curry

Zucchini curryZucchini is full of vitamin C, vitamin A, high fiber, low calorie, rich in antioxidants, more water content, good for eye, nervous system and obviously weight loss. Sometimes people…

Prawn rice

Prawn rice

Prawn rice Made the prawn rice in an easy way. It is a whole meal we don't need anything along with. When people are in hurry they can try the…