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Paneer Patakas Vs Chicken Crackers - The Big Fight

Paneer Patakas Vs Chicken Crackers - The Big Fight

The foodie world - united by the common love for food OR IS IT??

The age old debate of “Healthy vs Non-Healthy”, “Tasty vs Not-So-Tasty”, “Options vs Lack of options” and finally “VEG vs NON-VEG” has been heard over tables for centuries. The weapon of choice for veggies remains Paneer whereas Chicken leads the non-veg brigade.

Plattershare is on a mission to end this debate once and for all and we need YOUR help to do so!! It’s time to pick a side and TAKE A STAND! It’s time to decide:

Are YOU a

“PANEER PATAKA” (Paneer Lover)

Or a


It’s about Kentucky fried chicken vs Sinful Punjabi Paneer, THIS IS PERSONAL! Let’s find how which is more popular, more versatile, in demand and tastes better. Plattershare presents the “PANEER vs CHICKEN CHALLENGE” sponsored by “Go India Organic” - A platform for all your organic needs. Participate in the contest and stand a chance to win at every step! Here’s what YOU need to do:

Step 1: Pick a Side and Tell us why (Starting today till 3rd April)

Comment below on this page with “I’m a Paneer Pataka because…..” OR “I’m a chicken cracker because….”. The best comment will win exciting prizes.

Step 2: Post your Recipes (Starting 14th March till 3rd April)

It’s time to prove which is better. Post your delicious recipes on plattershare with either Paneer OR Chicken as the main ingredient (Multiple entries allowed)

Win BIG Prizes for:

  • Most Popular recipe (based on the maximum number of “unique” comments on YOUR recipe page – Gift hamper worth INR 5000!!!!
  • Best Paneer recipe (judged by our elite panel of chefs) – Gift hamper worth INR 4500!!!!
  • Best Chicken recipe (judged by our elite panel of chefs) – Gift hamper worth INR 4500!!!!

The Best recipes will be judged by Masterchef Jayanandan Bhaskar (1st runner up of Amul Masterchef India Season one and celebrity tv host).

Paneer Patakas Vs Chicken Crackers - The Big Fight

At the end of the contest the winning team will be declared (scoring based on number of recipes, comments, fb likes and shares) – No prizes for this tongue-out

So WHAT ARE YOU still Thinking!!! Let the World know the Final Decision and “YOU” can be a part of history!!! Let the fight begin…

Contest Details and Official Rules

  • Contest starts from 14th March 2016 and ends on 3rd April 2016. All enteries must be received by 11:59 pm on 10th April 2016. All the recipes posted within these dates would be eligible for the contest.
  • To enter the contest (mandatory rules):-
    a) Register on Plattershare (Please upload your original profile picture and update your profile)
    b) Go to 'Home' or 'My Profile' and click 'Post a Recipe' icon. Use the form and instructions provided to submit your recipe.
  • Recipe must include recipe name; ingredients with measurements; step-by-step preparation & cooking directions and at least one main photo of the recipe.
  • Your recipe content and images should be original (upload good quality images). Should not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity.
  • Anyone residing in India can participate in the contest.

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I m a paneer patakha as my daughter love paneer so much and paneer ki recipe bhi bhut si hoti hai paneer makhan Wala paneer pasanda paneer snacks main course and desert sab mai use hota hai so I think paneer is best

I am a Paneer Patakha as i just love paneer in any form..its the most flexible food, from sweet to spicy to grill to baking you can do anything and everything with this super food which is also a great source of protein. i love looking paneer as it cooks fast and doesn't require much of an effort. With this i am also post posting a superbly awesome paneer recipe which even a Chicken cracker would love to enjoy anytime...:-) try my Quick Paneer toasties & you would just can have it enough! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Paneer..muaaaaah!!!

Ankush Dhiman

I am a Chicken cracker because chicken now-a-days cheaply and easily available. It can be cooked fast. Chicken is full of protein an very less fat. It does not produce extra cholesterol in human body. Well cooked chicken is very softy. Chicken can be used as ingredient of sweet dish as well as spicy dishes.

Shafiyana Khan M. Lohani Mrs.Raziya Banu M. LOHANI Ankush Dhiman

I'm a paneer pataka bcoz its not obtained by brutal killing of animals, SATTVIC. It's highly nutritious. It's miraculous agent n gives amazing mouth feel in almost any dish say from wide range of tikkas, fritters, pizzas, pastas, gravies, stuffed parathas, Chinese dishes, sweets, indianised cheesecakes n so on... The list is endless....

Ankush Dhiman

Yes i am paneer pataka.....paneer is the heart n soul of all veggie it snacks soups maindish salads deserts etc etc etc.....its the king of all recipes....everybody luvs it ...its rich in proteins n hav gud nutritious values...healthy n tasty....paneer paneer khao petfull paneer...east or west paneer is da best....😊😊😊😊😊😊

Ankush Dhiman

I am surely a PANEER PATAKA !!! :-) If Chicken is believed to be healthier, then I would say Paneer is the healthiest and best choice for all those nutrition we find in Chicken. Moreover, it's protein rich and high in calcium. So, Dishes made with that, will go great for KIDS as well. Being a Hard core Vegetarian, I will definitely choose paneer over Chicken at any given time. It's so much easy going with any vegetarian recipe. One can apply his/her own imaginations and ideas to make various dishes from Paneer. I simply love use of cottage cheese(Paneer) in any form. I can vary any existing traditional recipes with use of the same along with my Imaginations. Paneer can substitute any non-veg dishes easily. That's how I can justify my point.

Thakkar Dhara Shah Ketul Shah Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

I am a paneer pataka because paneer is everyone's favourite. It is liked by me, my children and everyone whether veg or non-veg. It can be made in breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.It is very healthy as well as tasty.

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

I'm a Paneer Pataka! Having had the best of both paneer and chicken, i would say that nothing beats the versitality of paneer. No doubt it is the star of our royal indian cuisine with classic paneer tikkas and a stuffing for other kebabs to being a main ingredient in rich gravies, it also serves as a super ingredient in desserts like tiramisu and cheesecake! Do anything you like with paneer, toss up a salad, dip it in fondue, add it to sandwiches or stuff it in your paratha! This beautiful ingredient is never disappointing you :). Taste and health put together it is a powerhouse of protein and calcium, a must for one's diet. Consume in the form of a sandesh or spicy fried pakodas or even chilli garlic paneer, you shall find the hero as a pizza topping too! An essential ingredient easily available at the market or prepared at home, paneer definitely is a pataka in itself , a complete food with taste, health and uniqueness which makes me a Paneer Pataka :)

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Kirti Yadav

I am a "paneer pataka" because paneer is universal ingredient as it can be eaten by vegetarian as well as non - vegetarian. Paneer is full of protein context. Paneer is substitute of non - veg which can be consumed by every class of people. Paneer is produced from milk hence excess milk cannot be wasted.

Mrs.Raziya Banu M. LOHANI Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Shafiyana Khan M. Lohani

I am a"Paneer Pataka" because east or west Paneer is the best everywhere. Easily available, everyone's favourite specially of kids favourite. Many dishes sweet and savoury both can be made with paneer. Here, I remind a shayri and a famous quotation about paneer Jeevan mein kabhi vipatti aaye toh apatti Matt kijiye :) Kyonki Dhoodh fatne par wahi log udaas hote hain jinhe paneer bnana nhi aata😃 So here being a paneer pataka i feel very proud. And I can say proudly," paneer hai toh kya gum h"😛

Medha Devdas Shivani Rai Gunjan Arora Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Kirti Yadav

I am a "Paneer Patakha" because chahe: Dumdaar ho ya beemar, Sab kha sakte hain ise mere yaar. Budhe se lekar bachhe tak, ye h Versatile har taraf. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian ka koi panga nhi, Paneer ke sath koi danga nhi. Banao chahe namkeen ya sweet, ise karenge sare dil ❤ se eat. Reh jate sare function iske bina adhoore, Ye jaan daale starter, main course & sweets m pure. Agar nhi karte tum ise aise hi pasand, tofu, mozarella, parmesan or cheddar bhi hain iske sang 👬 To yhi hai sabse popular, sabse versatile, sabse healthy.... Jo kar deta hai har recipe ko tasty. Paneer daale har Recipe m jaan,,.. Yahi h har Shadi- Party ki Shaan 👌

Nupur Gupta Kirti Yadav Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

Palak or paneer Chand ke pass hariyali jaisa h. Palak dekhane me hara h Ek din usne paneer se bola. Mere pass hariyali h tu to safed h. Mere pass vitamins and protein.fabir h.tumare pass kewal protein h.tu white h lekin me hara aur hariyali ka prateek Hu.mujhe boil karke aloo ke sath aur kacha and sagg ke roop me kha sakte h

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

I am Paneer Pataka as its awesome, health some, multifaceted some top of all pataka some.

Ankush Dhiman Sarita  Sharda Plattershare Sujeet ss

Being a non-vegetarian (full time), I would say I am a paneer cracker. As my kids like this to the core, the softness, juiciness, easy to eat, not only my kids when it comes to me and my hubby I strongly love the taste of paneer when it's done and cooked perfectly. Most of all the reasons above the secret behind why I and my hubby like this a lot is we can substitute this with chicken, lamb and fish in most of the recipes, but can retain the same flavor, texture and taste of the non-veg foods, which plays a main role in weight loss because of it's low calorie. As of today's trend everyone want to stay fit and maintain the beauty including me.

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare
  • Kirti Yadav Hey Deepa so you are supporting Paneer in this contest...little Confused as you said you are Paneer Cracker (which is both Paneer Pataka or chicken Cracker) I have always loved your non-veg recipes and its variety but looks like this time you are going to support Paneer.

I am a chicken cracker,because its taste so good,and we can cook so many different recipes with chicken.Its may be chinese or mughlai,Chicken can win heart of everyone.

Kirti Yadav Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Sayan Majumder

iam a chicken cracker ,i love chicken ,in my opinion chicken is best for any recipie like curry,fry ,snack ,etc, we can make number of mouthwatering recipies by chicken,as a south indian in our home we used prepare spicy chicken curry atleat thrice in a week ,hyderabadi chicken dum biryani is one my favourite which is very famous all over the world ,so i prefer to be a chicken cracker

Kirti Yadav Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

i am a paneer pataka because vegetarian ka raja hai paneer ,it is also a healthy ingredient , best source of calcium , paneer can be used in different types of dishes whether wo pulao , kheer , parathas ,starters in any way .paneer is the best ingredient we can made anykind of dish with paneer like paneer albela , paneer sattey ,paneer ,and paneer is easy ingredient jo ki jhat phat pak sakta hai

Kirti Yadav Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

Am a a panner pataka bcos it is one such item which can instantly transform your normal curry into a rich gravy You could easily make a spicy/sweet dish with panner so v easily within no time One more advantage is you could make panner at home as well!!!!

Kirti Yadav Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

People says chicken is best but I say paneer is bestest. We can use paneer in smoothies, snacks, main course (bread and veggies) and desserts. We can mold paneer in desired shapes and tastes. Chaahe baat ho swaad ki, chaahe baat ho sehat ki.....badey tou badey bachhon ki bhi pasand hai paneer. Yes, yes I am a paneer pataaka

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

I m a chicken cracker coz it's so delicious can be used in soups. Snacks. And in main course. Everyone love it children elders both very good for health can be consumed regularly coz not harmful as red meat. Easy to cook easy to digest. Chicken pop corn is one of the favourite of my son. I love butter much in fact I love all the chicken dishes.

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

I am from panner pataka side.I like all the recipes of panner . It has all thing that chickeh has.I don't like because for eating it we have to kill a speechless animal .

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

I am a Paneer Pataka.. Ready to eat all time :P. My favourite that's why world famous :P. Paneer can be eaten at any time. You can use paneer for Breakfast, or dessert or brunch or dinner or late night snack. source of protein and calcium. blend with all ingredients, all most use in all cuisine.

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

Yes m paneer pataka..paneer ne kaha chicken se..mai gora chitta clean save.mai hu sabka khas.meri kya bat.har shape me bemisal.har ek dish me fit ho jata phir chahe vo paratha ho ya puri.meri sabse dosti.har dish ka raja hu mai.mujhe metha .khatta teekha har ek taste me pasand kia jata.mujhe pakane me wakt nhi lagta m star..m pataka krta hu dhamaka paneer pataka..:)

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

I'm a chicken cracker, being a Punjabi we start our meal with chicken ;) I see butter chicken and that's foodgasmic for me. Chicken is available all over the world, different recipes, different forms... Which again helps you taste many different forms of cooking, broadening your taste for variety !! :) Plus chicken has crazy nutritional value, chicken in your meal meets the protein content you need in your body. When it's tasty,healthy and kickass... Why not CHICKEN?

Akar Misra Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Madraasi Deepa

I am a paneer pataka.Paneer is very versatile .we can make endless dishes, Sancks , Maincourse and sweets .It is full on nutrients. Blends easily with any flavours.Take lesser time in cooking.

Akar Misra Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

I am a chicken cracker... more than me. I have to mention we are a chicken craker family :) Wide range of moutwatering recipes can be prepared in various cuisines. Sundays are incomplete without chicken for us.. Just a bowl of rice, rasam and chicken fry makes a heavenly dish to enjoy our sunday. Protien rich ingredient which is suitable for all ages. East or West ! Roti or Rice ! chicken is the BEST :)

Kirti Yadav Plattershare Akar Misra Ankush Dhiman
  • Kirti Yadav Let the chicken Speak Then :-))) Waiting for your recipes!

I am a paneer pataka, ready for all dhamaka. Because my paneer is a star, you can have it any time yaar. Lunch , breakfast ya dinner yeh hai sabki shaan, Swaad aur sehat dono ka rakhe dhyaan. It is good source of protein, and burns fat to keep you lean. It provides calcium to make bones and teeth strong, And takes care of heart to make your life long. When you come to its variety, it is an all rounder. And its taste in every form is much more stronger. It is sold widely, not restricted by season, And can be prepared easily at home , to be eaten raw or with marination. To conclude it is easy to prepare and easy to digest, So include it in your diet to make your living healthy and brightest.

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Kirti Yadav Akar Misra Srishti

I m paneer pataka☺easy available, easy to make, no need to clean, very less cooking time. You can make many recipes, it's healthy for calcium and protein all knows very well that. You can hide from kids in recipie if they don't like while mom wants to serve healthy food to their children. Many recipes for paneer, you can preserve in fridge, so I m paneer lover. And taste no one can beat. Natural colours, Masala mix es with it v fast. I can mix paneer with dal, sabji, roti and Rice make many recipies. Salads, dosa, sizzler, cutlet, kabab etc. Etc..... So I think paneer will win in battle vs. Chicken.

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Kirti Yadav Akar Misra Srishti

i will take part as “PANEER PATAKA”,because i am vegetarian.Paneer is full of calcium and we can mould it in any shape.We can make sweet dish or main dish from paneer.It is very versatile ingredients and easily available or can made at home.I think every one loves paneer in many ways. paneer is full of protein,calcium and so its very healthy for our kids as well as elders.Without paneer no party is successful ,this is my belief.I try many tasty,healthy recipes from paneer.

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Akar Misra

I am a chicken cracker because i am very much fond about chicken . Chicken have lots of varities like crackers agar kam awazz wala chahiye to Anaar , Phuljhadi ,etc sab kuch aapke mood ke mutabik chicken to har mood me dhal jata h......Deshi , Videshi, Nawabi,Awadhi,tandoori,Achaari,punjabi, Hyderabadi,Afgani, chicken to ek hai but uske roop hai Hazar........Most Important Chicken have its own taste chick chick chicken khaate rahiye or muskuraate rehiye....

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Kirti Yadav Akar Misra Srishti
  • Kirti Yadav Lucknow ki maharani... chicken to aap ki shaan hai :-)

i am a chicken cracker because chicken's taste is awesome. we can make various dishes from chicken. we can make whole chicken, chicken kheema , boneless or with bone and all the chicken dishes are mouthwatering and very tempting too. it takes not more time to prepare. not only kids but elders also likes it very much. my whole family likes chicken very much. chicken is full of protein so its very healthy for our kids. I think ," As mango is the KING OF FRUITS same as chicken is the KING OF FOODS."

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Akar Misra

Yups, I am A Paneer Pataka, No doubts about it. Many reasons to it. Firstly, YOU CAN DO A LOT WITH "PANEER"". Numerous Possibilities. You can Snack it, Main-course it, Side dish it, Drink (smoothie) it, Chinese it, Continent it, PUNJABI it, any nationality any flavor. Basically its very SOCIAL like me. ALL IN ONE. ARE YAAR, JO BANDA SARVGUN SAMPANN HO, ALL IN ONE HO, CRUSH TO BANTA HI HAI........ What do you Say??? Thank you for allowing me to ""choose cheese""

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Akar Misra Mani Vinaik

I am definitely paneer pataka because Paneer aur chicken me hui takrar Paneer bola mai ban jata meetha aur teekha Tu to bas teekha hi teekha . Aur isliye paneer ne bachhe se lekar bado ka dil jeeta . ..aur mera bhi jeeta . So i am paneer pataka .

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Akar Misra Umesh Chandra
  • Kanwaljeet Chhabra I am definitely a paneer pataka because "paneer aur chicken me hui takrar , paneer bola mai lazzatdar , mujhe banate meetha aur teekha , chicken to bas teekha hi teekha . paneer ne bachho se lekar bado ka dil jeeta , aur mera bhi dil jeeta. "

I am Definitely a Paneer Pataka... Because First I would love to be called as pataka :-). Jokes apart, Paneer is one such ingredient without with my life is incomplete. with the Range of curries and what an all dishes which can be made from this single ingredient, Paneer is definitely the life savior when the guest arrives. Be it Palak Paneer or Paneer Manchurian or Paneer Pakoda and yes you can make paneer smoothie too the whole platter can be made of Paneer and so I am Paneer Pataka ,

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Akar Misra Srishti
  • Priya Satheesh I am a chicken cracker... more than me. I have to mention we are a chicken craker family :) Wide range of moutwatering recipes can be prepared in various cuisines. Sundays are incomplete without chicken for us.. Just a bowl of rice, rasam and chicken fry makes a heavenly dish to enjoy our sunday. Protien rich ingredient which is suitable for all ages. East or West ! Roti or Rice ! chicken is the BEST :)

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