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Barley Water - Nutritious Drink

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Barley Water is a delicious, simple, and refreshing way to get a hearty dose of fiber, vitamins, and minerals in your diet. This homemade barley water is the perfect way to quench your thirst on hot summer days. To keep yourself hydrated do try this nutritious health drink.. Health Benefits of Barley water: Consuming Barley water is a natural remedy for urinary tract infections (UTIs). It helps cleanse the kidneys and acts as a good anti-inflammatory for the urinary system ; assists in weight loss; promotes easy digestion etc.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Cuisine Indian
Recipe Category Vegetarian
Servings 2
Recipe Taste Sweet


  • Pearl barley 1/4 cup
  • Water 4 cups
  • Sugar - As required


  • Rinse pearl barley under running water.
  • Now pour water in a sauce pan. Add barley to it and allow it to boil over a medium flame.
  • Then let it simmer (covered) for 10 or 15 minutes or until the grains are cooked and softened. Turn off the flame. OR You can also pressure cook for 3 whistles on high flame and then simmer , cook for the next 5 minutes on low flame.
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Strain it through a fine mesh strainer so that the grains get separated. Add sugar to the strained liquid. Mix it well.
  • The barley water is ready to be served. You can also serve it cold.
    Barley Water - Nutritious Drink - Plattershare - Recipes, food stories and food lovers
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