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Unsung Hero- Sapna Kiran Nayak Who Made Sure No Food Is Wasted.

Unsung Hero- Sapna Kiran Nayak Who Made Sure No Food Is Wasted.

So many kids sleep without their stomach full and so much food is left by us in every meal which we eat. This is the harsh reality and we know it very well. We read about various initiatives which government and NGO starts and yes they are making a change but as said “if you want to see the change in the world, you have to be that change” and Plattershare salutes those unsung heroes who are making big impact through a small act. It just takes a thoughtful mind and conscious soul and yes you can too do the miracles and bring the smile on the faces of kids who go to sleep hungry.

This is a story of Sapna Kiran Nayak who has arranged a pooja(Prayer) at her home. Now you would ask what’s new in that? All household arrange some pooja (Prayer) on some or the other occasion but here comes the difference. Any Special pooja (prayer) has gathering of few people that end up in a get-together and a lunch or dinner which would comprise of an elaborate meal. As a host you would always order food for few additional people thinking that it should not be less while people enjoy the meal. And then? There is always extra food left which we land up distributing to all the people in our apartments who actually can afford it. This idea is also good but then Sapna did something different. And this is her story, Let’s hear it out”

“We had arranged for a pooja at home few weeks back on a Wednesday and generally since it’s a working day, guests' turnout would be limited. We had ordered food through a catering service for about 50 people and catering guys usually prepare an additional 10-15 plates extra.

We wanted to ensure the food did not go waste, so called Just Dial in the morning before the pooja started and enquired about orphanages nearby. Called the numbers and were glad to know that an orphanage close by, which housed about 30 kids were more than happy to accept the food. Ẃe had enough food for all of them and one person who got to see, learn and enjoy sharing was my daughter. “

A thoughtful act which has imbibed so much knowledge in her daughter and hope it inspires all of us.  Plattershare would  like to say ” Thank you Sapna” for inspiring.

If you have similar stories where people are making an impact with food as their passion. Do write to us or message us on our FB page Plattershare

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