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Simple And Easy Detox Drinks Which Would Really Change You!

Dedicated to Healthy foodies
Simple And Easy Detox Drinks Which Would Really Change You!

How to lose weight, improve digestive health and boost your immune system. Is Detoxification the real answer for all of the above or it’s just a new buzz word around the corner. Cut down sugar, do a lot of exercises, don’t take stress, Balance your work life and personal life seems big jargons in today’s life because all of this is not possible. Let’s face it and accept it. Every morning, when you get up the first thing which we do is to check the previous night’s post notification. This is an age of social media and none of us can keep ourselves away from it for too long. So then what do we do? Here is the solution or rather practical solutions which are not only feasible but fun too because if you are detoxifying and not telling your friends on social media you would not feel satisfied.

Below are the few most easily available healthy ingredients which are already lying in your kitchen and help yourselves to detoxify and move you toward better lifestyle.

Water the saviour, yes plain water - Consuming a lot of water every day does help you to flush out the toxins in your body but for a change try detox drinks which have something extra to offer than just plain water. When you are running short of time just add

a) Few mint leaves

b) Few slices of lemon

Drop these two ingredients in a jar and fill it with water. The ingredients would do their work and you can enjoy it without much effort. Check out the complete recipe for infused mojito water and the very refreshing picture clicked by Rebecca from sugarandsoul. Remember the simple Rule - Simple things in life are cherished more so enjoy them. 

Image Credit : sugarandsoul.

Simple And Easy Detox Drinks Which Would Really Change You!

Chia Seeds: Chia Seeds have been always been there. It is now gaining popularity and health conscious foodies around the world are now counting these tiny little black and brown seeds as one of the important parts of their daily diet. Thanks to social media (That’s why social media is not as bad as many stress management courses teach). Simply adding chia seeds in your water and drinking it once it swells up and gets the gel-like structure is recommended. These

These Chia seeds ( read the healthiest-way-to-eat-chia-seeds) contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids and the reason we should take them is that Omega-3 fatty acids is a good fat and is not naturally produced by our body.

 “Chia Seeds help weight loss as it curbs your appetite and makes you feel fuller longer. They are full of Omega-3 and as innumerable health benefits” Says Amanda from theskinnyfork.

You can add

     a) Few fresh berries or fruits,

     b) Lime 

     c) Chia Seeds.

Check out the recipe for Chia Fresca

Image Credit:theskinnyfork.

Simple And Easy Detox Drinks Which Would Really Change You!

Fresh, juicy fruits: Fresh and Juicy fruits have always been praised and appreciated and it holds the history as old as mankind. One fruit a day is a must, Eat seasonal pesticide-free organic fruits, grow your own fruits are few of the topics which we always discuss. And any health conscious person would include fruits in her diet but at times it becomes boring to chew these fruits .

So try these infused water where you can add few pieces of fruits in water and just drink it. As all the nutrients of fruits would get into the water. Try keeping that pink-skinned apple in a glass jar, it’s not only visually soothing but also satisfying great health solution too. Check out 

  1. Glowing Skin Craving control detox water which is made from apple by Monika Patel 
  2. flat-belly-detox-water made from Watermelon by Monika Patel.
  3. strawberry-delight made by Kirti Yadav


Simple And Easy Detox Drinks Which Would Really Change You!

Herbs and Roots: Remember your Grandma’s famous “Turmeric Milk” which was the cure for almost any common ailment be it a cough, cold, cuts, and bruises. She knew it better than us even though she did not have access to the internet and finally this lost recipe is coming back .Foodies feel nostalgic while they sip it. Check out turmeric-lemon-water-detox where Katie who runs her blog describes the health benefits of Turmeric. Turmeric has curcumin, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent and studies have shown that it can even cure cancer patient. Easy to make this Turmeric lemon drink is a must in your detox list.


Simple And Easy Detox Drinks Which Would Really Change You!

We love  ginger tea but have you heard of Ginger Switchel, This is an old fashioned traditional drink of America and has a very interesting story behind it. Also known as Haymakers punch as this drink was traditionally enjoyed by Haymakers who worked out in the sun. It’s a boon for people who have lactose intolerance – Says Tracy who made this drink and has shared the recipe on her blog - This drink contains Ginger, ACV, and molasses. Check the complete story of Haymakers punch and enjoy making it.

Simple And Easy Detox Drinks Which Would Really Change You!

So before all of you plan to rush to your kitchen to try one of these detox drink – Some TIPS (Tasty Instruction from Plattershare) which are simple and can be easily followed.

  1. Use local ingredient when you plan to detoxify.
  2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not follow all that is written on the internet in one shot. Picking up one drink, one smoothie, one ingredient at a time would help you in the long run.
  3. Be excited when you are doing detoxification and let the world know about it.Use social media to post your weight-loss photos and click photos of your detox drink and post it on plattershare.comcool
  4. If anyone of your family members is trying to detoxify, help them and appreciate them.
  5. Pick one detox drink at a time and then switch to another for a change. You can continue with the previous one or at times give a break.
  6. Life is very simple – it gets complicated because we mix everything together so enjoy what you do and detoxification would happen on its own.
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