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  1. great effort put together by Plattershare Team….Kudoos for you:) I enjoyed working with these ingredients. Please see my Oomugi Barley Upma is missing in the list

  2. I just love platter share and your concept. Platter share has changed my life style and food techniques. The day I joined platter share I always dreaming how to improve myself and food techniques. I feel platter share is like my family member. My food express is going on. Thanks.

  3. Great work Kirti & Plattershare! Thanx for the recognition, it really meas a lot. This program was fantastic, got to explore new ingredient & new cooking technique. Love it ! I wish Plattershare team more power & strength to come up with more such ideas and concepts. Love Plattershare!

  4. Such a wonderful associate programme. I enjoyed it thoroughly as i had earlier never worked with both the products. It was kinda thinking out of the box and out of my comfort zone.
    Thanks for choosing me.

  5. Great effort by plattershare. Thanku so much for giving us this opportunity. I am feeling proud to be member of this lovely platter share group . Products were really awesome .

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