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Had A Wonderful Time With Food Bloggers And Plattershare Team.

Gorila barfare Gorila barfare

Gorila barfare is a new generation bar and pub, with an awesome theme and wonderful interiors. Plattershare hosted a cocktail and pizza party here. Learnt how to make good margaritas. Saswati bahera took us to whole new world of cocktails as she explained everything in detail about them. 

Cucumber and watermelon cocktail Cucumber and watermelon cocktail
Special pizza Special pizza

After that there was pizza session by blogger Sai priya, as she made her dessert pizza, which consisted of banana, strawberry, Nutella and mint toppings. I really liked the new kind of pizza, it had a unique and remarkable taste. I really enjoyed the event. Also Plattershare team's big vision for food. Thank you Plattershare for the invite.

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