Life in a start up is full of surprises, fun and hard work. A lot of my friends ask me, “what is your role in Plattershare?”. They mean to ask what do I do at Plattershare. Well, the hard fact is that in a start up your roles and responsibilities are unlimited and undefined.

For the pitch video, we scripted it, shot it, recorded it and edited it all by ourselves. Ravi helped in getting the graphics right and Dev helped us with the sound track of the video. In a start up, at times, I find myself making tea for the team and guests and at other times, we find ourselves doing data entry or printing stationary.

The video looks nice and the website comes across as decent but what goes behind it all is very grim and non glamorous. The other day Ankush & I went to The Pioneer’s head office here in Delhi and we talked to newspaper people. Seems they might like the concept of Plattershare and mention it in one of their newspapers. Now we are also looking at other newspapers who could help us get some coverage. We can not afford paid media and thus the challenge to get into the prints is on.

At a start up, you always look forward to meeting new people who might approve of your idea. We keep meeting people, being appreciated and criticized on various things that we are doing. Last Saturday we went to Start Up Saturday – an event organized by Head start in collaboration with NASSCOM.

However at the end of the day, it is all between our dreams’ glamour and non glamour of the reality. All sorts of help is very welcome and deeply desired by us at Plattershare. Next article would show you the ways in which you could help us and our dream.

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