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Delightful Desi Recipe Contest

Delightful Desi Recipe Contest

Desi, local and most authentic food from the “Bazaars” of the city where it originated from always delights us. Be it Masalas, Pickle or Chutneys, we always crave for most authentic food. Don’t you agree? It’s a soul satisfying experience when you eat the most authentic and best Alphonso mangoes straight from the farms of Ratnagiri and Devgad. 

I am sure you will agree that the most challenging task for Airport Authority personals is to search for that Mango pickle jar, Hand ground masalas and chutneys, Puliyogare gojju and Appam Podi which is hidden in your luggage amidst the clothes. And then you argue and fight with all the security, just to tell them that the mix which is so aromatic has been secretly packed by your mom as you don’t get the original taste everywhere. The poor Security person has to gulp his saliva and act harshly even though all he wants is to taste it once. Finally, after a small skirmish, he will let you go, leaving all the passengers around you imagining the flavour. 

Plattershare is on a mission along with Delight Foods to help you discover India’s finest and most authentic food right from their originating cities. And YOU can win exciting prizes while doing so.

As always there are multiple ways to win in this contest!!

WIN prizes by Commenting (Contest Starting 30th April till 22nd May 2016):

Check out, a platform which discovers and brings India’s best and most authentic food from each city. All you have to tell us – which food product on the website is your favourite and why?

Two best comments (You will only be able to comment once) will get  a gift hamper from delight foods worth INR 1000 so that you never miss that taste again.

WIN prizes by posting Recipes (Contest Starting 30th April till 22nd May 2016):

Post the most authentic recipe in any one (or all) of the following categories:

  • Masalas/Spice Mixes (share recipes to make spices you love to prepare at home)
  • Chutneys
  • Pickles

And win multiple prizes:

  • Three best recipes will WIN a gift hamper worth INR 3000 from delight Foods! (winners would be decided by Plattershare's Judge - Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji)
  • Share your Plattershare Recipe Page Link with your family, friends & fellow home chefs and ask them to give comments on the Recipe Page (see snapshot below) of Plattershare website (Comments on FB post would not be counted). The recipe with the most number of “unique” comments will win the “Most Popular Recipe Award” worth  INR 4000.
Delightful Desi Recipe Contest
  • Winner recipes would also be shared with the sponsor (Delight Foods).

So are you ready to feel the nostalgia of most authentic food from your city or State? Do you feel the tanginess of the pickle or the flavour of Sambhar masala. Do let us know :-)

Contest Details and Official Rules

  • Contest starts from 30th April 2016 and ends on 22nd May 2016. All entries must be received by 11:59 pm on 22nd May 2016. All the recipes posted within these dates would be eligible for the contest.
  • To enter the contest (mandatory rules):-
    a) Register on Plattershare (Please upload your original profile picture and update your profile)
    b) Go to 'Home' or 'My Profile' and click 'Post a Recipe' icon. Use the form and instructions provided to submit your recipe.
  • Recipe must include recipe name; ingredients with measurements; step-by-step preparation & cooking directions and at least one main photo of the recipe.
  • Your recipe content and images should be original (upload good quality images). Should not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity.
  • Anyone residing in India can participate in the contest.

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The recipes are unique and amazingly awesome as it revives your memories of home cooked food. Hats off to the platform for mouth watering recipes for all foodies....Loving every bit of this space ...cheers

I went to Jaipur as a part of my project and living in othr town was not so easy for me; I used to miss home made food cooked by my mother and i used to tell her that she should come there but she could not manage to come there so she once sent me Green Apple And Ginger Chutney from Delight foods saying that have this n you will not feel home sick; and then i stared having it; it was great as it just tasted like my mother home made green apple chutney and this product filled in empty space of love, memories in my heart with its delectable taste, nostalgic sweetness, and tangyness of mom's sweet scoldings and since then this Green Apple And Ginger Chutney became my fav and my colleagues fav too and we used to have it during lunch and seriously we just love Green Apple And Ginger Chutney and sometimes we find ourselves short of words to explain how much we like some thing and right now am feeling he same for Green Apple And Ginger Chutney; just wished to say Green Apple And Ginger Chutney from Delight Foods is the best, as its delicious, tasty, tang, and gives home sickness a rest !! Thanks we Love you Delight foods :)

Meenakshi  Kapur Kirti Yadav
  • Meenakshi Kapur Http://

When it comes to child's health, Every Mom who nurtures a deep emotional bond with kid will prevent him/her from growing up to be a strong and independent. She wants to give all the nutrition which her kid needs to grow strong. She takes care when she makes food at home or buy any food product. The amount of nutrition chart is very important to read when we by any food products. "Delightfoods" , The word itself says that Delighted food products which will delight your grocery room with this wonderful food products. Kids normally loves to have jams or marmalade in their lunchbox food or in breakfast. Well, my daughter can have it at anytime ;) you will definitely find so many varieties of jams and marmalade, But the combination who have the full amount of nutrition, I found this wonderful combination of marmalade for my daughter here in delightfood which is Orange and pomegranate marmalade... sounds yum!! Every mom should give this full of vitamin C loaded marmalade to their kid, I will highly recommend to buy this product from Delightfood, as the freshness and nutrition, this two points which everyone place them on priority and delightfood offers both the things... Enjoy your shopping with its delightful food products and stay healthy and updated by buying new food products to try !! Happy foodie shopping !!😊

Ankush Dhiman

My pick from DELIGHT FOODS is- ALPHONSO MANGO, BECAUSE- 1)Alphonso mango is known as the “King of mango” because of its delicious tropically fruity sweet taste and juicy saffron/golden coloured non-fibrous tender texture of its flesh. It has a significantly thinner more shiny skin. Fully ripened Alphonso mangoes also release an aromatic fruity fragrance in the air. These qualities have been attributed to a unique combination of geographical conditions which are only present in Western India, especially near coastlines of Maharashtra and Goa. 2)I can use it on the dessert and cocktail menus. 3) Of the thousands of cultivars of mango in India, there are several different varieties of Alphonso. The best and most expensive are grown on the small Natwarlal plantation in Ratnagiri, and are hand-harvested,our DELIGHT FOODS gives me these best quality mangoes only. 4) My most popular way of eating Alphonso is pulped, thickened with milk or cream, into which puris (deep-fried discs of puffed bread) are dunked.

Ek Bacche ko candyland mein le jaake chod do. Aur usse kaho " Beta you have to take only one candy". God can you imagine the dilemma and expression of the child at that moment. I can because I experienced the same when plattershare asked us to choose one product from Just log on to and you will get my point.Delight foods is a world of so many delighted products. As you log on you feel yeh delight foods hai ya Aladdin ka chirag standing in front you with all your favourite goodies and asking you.. Hukum mere aaka kya khaaoge aap..mere paas aam, mithai, mewe , papad sabka hai bhandaar. Mann toh kiya ki kahoon e delightfoods roopi chiraag sab kuch dila de par chiraag ko ek hi wish poori karni hai.. Jab baari choose karne ki aati hai toh Sabse pehle family same nazar aati hai. Rakhna hai unki sehat ka dhyan Isiliye delightfoods se karoongi lemon oats cookies ki demand. Mil jaayenge yeh sab jagah par delight foods ke products par hai hamme jyada bharosa. To conclude I would say Delight foods ke oat cookies rakhe aapki sehat ka khayaal jisse aap delight foods se shopping kare saalo saal.

Kirti Yadav Ankush Dhiman

My Favorite from delight foods is Singhade ka atta or water chestnut flour. India is a country of different religion. almost in all religion it's common to have vrat or fast at different occasions. it's assumed "shubh" to have fast, scientifically fast are useful for health because, on the day of fast, stomach takes rest for the day. One should keep fast at least once a week. During Navratri, men and women fast for nine days and use Singhade ka atta. As this atta is made from water chestnuts which are fruits it is consumed during the vrats/fast. I myself keep fast during Navratri and on many such occasions and like to prepare Puri or Puva from singhade ka atta. I checked delight food website for the recipe of Singhade ka atta but I was not able to find any. You can add a recipe of Puri, Pakodi or Puva made from it.

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Something new, something unique. A platform every foodie will love and enjoy thoroughly!! way to plattershare!! :)

  • Pradeep Kishan Having a thing for sweets, My favorite product is meetha aam papad :) :D

Plattershare is known for coming up with new ideas.Keep it up.


Good one and upto now I have posted my Mango chutney


Yum yum a am ka achar...loved it


You can be from any part of this world based on your religion or ethnicity (and I don’t mean India only!) but if you were born in Calcutta and grew up there, you know belong to the city and the city belongs to you in a way that no other place will ever seem like home. So I am a Sikh whose born and spent the first 21 years of my life in the City of Joy and when I went to Delight Foods website and saw Masala Muri there, I knew that was the desi soul food that I was looking to find ! This delicious concoction is such a unique mix of ingredients that truly defines Calcutta for me – crunchy and full of zest, spicy and bursting with flavours and guess what – super healthy because puffed rice is such a brilliant thing to use for snacking ! So my favourite is the Masala Muri !


Yummy.... try to prepare myself


Good for all food lovers

Plattershare Arshad Luckyali Gautam Majumder
  • Shivendra Raman Tripathi Mam aapke hath se bana khana so good pic dekh Ke Hi khane ka man hota he
  • Geeta Biswas Delight food product's are pure and healthy. The wide range of product is for everyone. I have chosen one product which is named CHUSHI PEETHE which has a story line. This dessert is originated from Bengal. In my childhood I was a secret watcher, I discovered my Mom making this product (chushi peethe) very efficiently. I begged her to teach me how to make these by hand, she said no no your hands are not clean this is made for Lakshmi Puja. This is made with the help of index finger and thumb by rubbing against each other. When this dessert is prepared it is very delicious and creamy because of milk, dry fruits, date's jaggery and cardamom powder. My Mom is no more but the dessert is with me reminding me about my past and present pleasant experience. When I taste this dessert I find the aroma of my mom's body instead of cardamom powder. Delight food has such a power to attract each and every person from any corner. I appreciate the contribution of Delight food which makes life easy and pleasing.
  • Kirti Yadav Wow Geeta Ma'am its so touching to hear the story about this dessert
  • Geeta Biswas Thank you KIRTI. Platter share has given an opportunity to the participants to show their liking and disliking. Thank you platter share for giving the platform to express my views and thought through the story line

mera favourite food pic is yummy aam ka achaar.khakar ek bar.chatkare le hajar.khane ka swad.nam lo to muh me pani aa jata yar.iske sath judi bachpan ki khatti meethi teekhi yade.jab dadi nani banati thi to chupkar churakar khane ka maja..aur phir unki dat...khichdi tahri..sabka hua na favourite aam ka achar......

Plattershare Arshad Luckyali

Food story according to me is like a pickle kabhie khatti toh kabhie meethi toh kabhie spicy hamari zindagi bhi aise hai chatpatta ki zindagi

Plattershare Arshad Luckyali Jolly Makkar

Main saari recipe dekhi jaa rahi thi…jab koi chatpata item dekhti toh meri moonh se paani aana suru ho jata tha…ohhh jo bhi kuch ho aam papad yah phir masale daar aam achaar,yah koi mixed pickle ya phir koi chutney… Jab maine delighfoods website open kya then only in the first part the aam papad is displayed and my mouth start watering but anyhow I controled it and starts scrolling to look for some other intresting recipes…Lekin kitni recipe dekhi par sach bolun toh dil uahi “Meetha Aam Papad” par ruk gaya tha… When I saw this “Meetha Aam Papad” flavors of Punjab, Amritsar I just started missing this…how I love to have this chatpata aam papad…it is called Aamba Sadha in Odisha my mother and naani used to prepare this when lots of ripen mangoes available and stored it…and we have this chatpata aam papad at any time… As we stayed outside India it’s very difficult to get here..bas Delightfoods ne uss sweet memory ko phir se taaza kar diya…thanks for such mouth watering recipes… Bas ek anddaz se isko pura karna chahti hoon… “Moohon se paani tapak tapak jaye re, Jab Aam Papad aankho se sarak sarak jaye” “Maine tujhko chun liya…jab maine dil ki soon liya”


Summer always refreshes those childhood memories of helping my mom and aunts making different flavors of papad and pickles. Those days since everything was homemade it was fun to roll those papad and eat the papad doughwhile rolling it, Sun drying them and helping each other in the tedious process and making it enjoyable. But now due to busy schedule and mom and aunts growing old this process of making papad and pickles at home has stopped. But thanks to "Delight Foods" for refreshing those memories every time I buy their products. That have introduced amazing varieties of papad and pickles and the same authentic taste is maintained. Thanks for preserving an age old tradition and taking it forward.

Plattershare Arshad Luckyali

This year for the first time I have made 'Mango Pickle' and it tasted so yum that....the jar went off in no time....Here is a droolicious recipe of Andhra's favorite and much loved 'Avakaya Pachadi' @


My favourite pick from delight food is lemon oatmeal cookies. Very healthy. Good to eat in between meals.


Aam papad is a must try for everyone fond of mangoes


Dat this story will really going to motivate to all dose girls n boys who hesitate from cooking n also I m better sure it will going to change d mentality of a family members dat this hotel industry is not good for any one.......

Shweta Rai Plattershare

My favorite dish Is mushroom sauce pasta it Is so yummy and tasty so I love to share this with everyone and this contest will give Me this opportunity to do so.


My favorite pick at Delight food’s website is K.C Das Rossogolla.- "The national sweet of India",I like it because I can make different dishes using Rossogollas from subzi to puddings.i like it and used to call my son Rossogolla in his childhood days..His cheeks were soft and spongy like Rossogollas. so we all family members called him Rossogolla.Now he is young and when we call him Rossogolla,he says memories of Rossogollas are still alive in our minds.i like it because it is fat free –paneer dish.I can eat Rossogollas,even when I am full.i will always remain grateful to the person,who invented such a wonderful sweet.


My favourite pick from Delight Food is Mango Pickle. It reminded me my mom's made aam ka achaar. I used to have it with every meal......even caught with throat infection many times due to over eating it. But my love for mango pickle still is the same. During my pregnancy, I had craving for mango pickle (mom's made) all the time but I was unable to eat it due to long distance as I'm in Canada and my mom was in India. Delight Food's website made me cry too bcoz my mom passed away last year and she used to make lots of things which are on their website.....I wish I could review those days again.


It's so difficult to choose one favorite food product among loads of yummiest items. Firstly, the page itself so appetizing with mouthwatering pics and few dishes made me so nostalgic. Especially, my big thumbs up is for Tender mango pickle which is also my family's most favorite. The sweet memories of munching tender mango pickle like snacks during summer vacation and running for lassi / buttermilk to balance the heat are the best days of my life. A spoon of curd rice with a piece of mango along with the spicy pickle juice on top is truly divine and heavenly taste.. Am already drooling now ;) No side dish can beat this delicious mango pickle and for me, even simple curd rice and dal rice turns exotic when it is served with my favorite tender mango pickle :)


my favorite pickle is sem aur aloo ka achar.


Hi,m big foodie especially sweets,Whether it's panchi kesari angoori petha,or Gujarat's mohanthaal,or pullareddy badushahi or Jaipur's paneer ghewar and hasmukh tea from Mumbai,earlier it was we have to wait for our relatives and friends to get this and many times it had happened that they were not able to get due to some reasons,so no option,but now itz really so easy to get all this whenever we want,though itz now available everywhere but there is taste difference,but it isn't a wow factor if we r getting that product originally from where it belongs to.

Kirti Yadav Plattershare
  • Kirti Yadav So True Vishi, A Foodie always wants to taste the original.

Though I am not having sweet tooth bit Panchi Petha is part of my nostalgic feelings whenever I hear or read about it. Living close to Agra, I used to get ample opportunities in my childhood to relish its taste and feel its smooth texture. And whenever any family member was travelling towards Agra, this used to be our constant demand to get one box of Panchi Petha which whole family can enjoy after dinner. Though we get petha varieties sold all over the place but Panchi Petha is the most "laajawab path"


My Favorite pick from Delight Food is "Meetha Aam Papad" Aayaa re dekho aayaa re Aam ka Season aayaa re..Sabka Mann bhaaya re..Wo garamiyon ki Chutti..Nani ke sath chhat pe khatti..Yaadon ki baarat ayaa re.. jab Delight Food ne Meetha Aam ka Papad apne website pe layaa re :) Jitnaa bhi khaalo tum Meetha Aam Papad..par Ye Dil hai ki maanta nahin :( Isliye Delight Food ko hai mujhe kehnaa..Ye Dil Maange More..Meetha Aam Papad!!

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

My favourite product from delight food is " amritsari vadiyan plain ". Ameitsari diyan vadiyan ve mai khanni han . Ye vadiyan mujhe mere bachpan ki yad dilati hai jab meri dadi ye vadiyan banaya karti thi aur mai intzar karti thi ki jab ye vadiyan bane aur mai dadi ke hath ke bane vadiyan wale rice khaoo. Zindagi me sab laut kar a sakta hai par apka bachpan nhi . Par delight food par ye amritsari vadiyan dekhkar mujhe Laga " koi lauta de mere beete hue din , wo pyare bachpan ke din " . Mai in vadiyon ke sath apni feeling jagjeet singh ki gazal se jahir karoogi Ye daulat bhi le lo Ye shauhrat bhi le lo Bale cheen lo mujhese meri jawani Magar muhjko lautado bachpan ka mausam Wo hamare ghar ki chat aur ye amritsari vadiyan .

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare Raj Purohit
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  • Kanwaljeet Chhabra Yes kirti . I love the theme of this contest because it takes us to our root / our soul food . There are so many product on delight food which are relate to our roots/ soul food .
  • Kanwaljeet Chhabra Yes kirti . I love the theme of this contest because it takes us to our root / our soul food . There are so many product on delight food which are relate to our roots/ soul food .
  • Monika Patel Kawaljeet ji Mahaul shayarana kardiya ! bahut khoob
  • Kanwaljeet Chhabra Monika ji hanji desi food aur jagjeet singh ki gazal dono mere dil se jude hai .

My favorite pick at Delight food’s website is ‘Tirunelveli Halwa’ from Santhi Sweets, Tirunelveli. Oozing out with flavourful desi ghee, this silky smooth halwa takes me down the memory lane of my cherished childhood days where I have relished this delectable, melt-in-the-mouth halwa many a times. For us, the word synonym to Tirunelveli is ‘Halwa’ from Santhi Sweets that is prepared using the age-old traditional method without compromising its authentic taste. Whenever we pass through Tirunelveli while reaching our native village, one of our must-to-do things is to procure a huge quantity of this mouthwatering halwa to share it among our relatives and friends. And, we still follow that..

Ankush Dhiman Kirti Yadav Plattershare Subhashni Venkatesh
  • Kirti Yadav I agree the amount of ghee used is so delicious but then u have to completely forget calories when enjoying this sweet.

My favourite product from Delight food website is Organic Green Tea , being fitness freak I am in always search for healthy products , my morning starts with green tea , the aroma makes me feel fresh & energetic ," Chai peejye , walk p chalye" ☕

So Here is my favorite - Go Desi, Go Local and Authentic Favorite Food and it's Nimbu Ka Achaar. And here is the reason why - Moment I saw the picture of Nimbu ka Achaar on the website of delight Foods, I could feel the taste of it. The Tanginess of this pickle cannot be described. Be it morning parathas or Daal-Chaawal for lunch , This Achaar always finds the place in the plate. And yes How can I forget Evening snacks - Here is my tribute to my favorite Nimbu ka Achaar. Methi ki Mathari and Nimbu ka Achaar. Muh mai pani aagaya yaar, Dil Kare khaao issko mai baar baar. Itna sochna shamjhana sab hai bekaar. Bas yahi to hai jisse hai mujhe pyaar....

Ankush Dhiman Aarti Sharma Plattershare Rakhi Lakhan
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  • Saba Naseem Wow , interesting story , Kichdi k h chaar yaar , dahi , papad , ghee aur achchar .
  • Monika Patel Kya khoob kaha Kirti, Pulaao ho ya arhar ki daal saath humesha hona chahiye aam ka achaaar...Love Achaar
  • Kanwaljeet Chhabra Apka comment pad kar mere muh me pani a gya 😋😋😋

Its time for some creativity!!

  • Monika Patel So here is my pick from Delight Food - Meetha Aam Papad.....ummmmm since its Mango its tangy its just yummy its local & i have grown up relishing this. Being a small town kid I grew up playing in gullies eating chooran goli, khopra goli, gulkand goli & yes of- course Aam Papad... I still remember that crave when we use to fight with friends just for a bite of it...Still getting nostalgic while writing & feeling that crave yet again...Yaad arahe hain Bachpan ke wo din jab dauda karte the Aaam papad ke thele waale ki tan -tan sunke... aaj na wo awaaz hai, na wo thela hai.. lekin daud wohi hai, par ye daud kis cheez ki hai ye samajh nahi aata....aaj phir chalte hain Bachpan ki un galiyon mein aur gudgudatein hain bachpan ke un masti bhare palon ko jahan sab kuch bas wohi dost, khana aur khelna tha....
  • Kirti Yadav Thanks Monika ...yes even i miss my bachpan!

wow !! something new subject.. interesting.

  • Kirti Yadav Thanks Riddhi but what's your pick from delight food..Whats your favorite food!!

Gr8 very interesting contest!!!

Ankush Dhiman
  • Shikha Bansal I was sold on the very first picture on delight foods , yumm Indian Mangoes. Living in US , every summer I crave for the nice Alphanso mangoes from India. Wish they could deliver them here too :) Another item which made
  • Shikha Bansal Me drool inside my mouth is the Roopak Nimbu Pani masala. Next trip to India I am hiding that one in my suitcase.
  • Kirti Yadav Thanks for the lovely Comment Shikha!!