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Keeping Food Traditions Alive - Subhashni Venkatesh

Keeping Food Traditions Alive - Subhashni Venkatesh

Subhashini Venkatesh, is a known name to all Platterians as she is one of the top contributor of amazing & delicious recipes as well as useful & informative articles which would have definitely helped you in your kitchen.  Though she started experimenting with food at a very early age, her culinary journey reached a new height when she was featured on Sun TV, the most viewed Tamil TV channel.

Plattershare would like to congratulate her on this achievement.

She believes in authentic cooking and is determined to save & share all the lost recipes of her grandma and aunts. Read her interesting food story which started when she was a school-goer and got new destination after being inspired by her family to start her blog “Bhojana Recipes”

1) Tell us about your culinary journey so far?

My interest for cooking and thirst for learning new recipes started from my school days, when my five aunts living in different states of India visited my native village in Kanyakumari for vacations and cook local recipes from their states. It inspired me to explore.

Tamil Nadu has two distinct traditional cuisines called “Tanjore” style and “Tirunelveli” style. Life before marriage taught me Thanjavur style and after marriage I learned Tirunelveli style. I gained knowledge about kerala recipes from my mother-in-law and so I am carrying all the traditions J

Motivation from hubby and son who are real fan of my cooking, helped me to start my blog Bhojana Recipes. Support and love of fans/followers keeps me going and inspires me to try new recipes and cuisine. Thanks to all of them who are making me survive in this field!!

2) What is your favourite cuisine and few recipes from it?

Obviously its Authentic Tamil Brahmin style of cooking. Though I explore North Indian, Chettinad and other South Indian cuisines, my versatility lies in the Tam-Brahm style. My Grandma who lived for 99 years gave me all authentic and traditional recipes.  Some of my favourite recipes are:

3) How was the whole experience of getting featured on Television?

I got the opportunity to showcase my culinary skills on Sun TV, one of the world's popular Tamil channel. I was on cloud nine and very excited to hear this news. As I am living in the southernmost part of Tamil Nadu, this kind of experience would always be a dream. My program got featured for five days and those five days are most unforgettable and cherishing moments in my life.

4) How does it feel when people now recognize you as a TV celebrity?

At first, it was kind of weird because I was known to few people before this program and of sudden I was receiving wishes from thousands of people. I was surprised and overwhelmed. I was so happy that the recipes which I used to prepare at my home were welcomed and shared all around the world.

Thanks to Technology!!

5) If you were not the author of "Bhojana Recipes” (Blog of Shubhashni) what else would you be?

Nothing would have changed much. I would have continued my teaching profession which I am still doing. I have always dreamt to run a restaurant of my own. Maybe I would have done that!

6) Where would you like to take your food journey?

The art of cooking is like an ocean. Learning never ends. I would like to take “Bhojana Recipes” to another level and concentrate more on healthy recipes as “Being healthy keeps u wealthy!!”

7) Do you think that Plattershare can help you in reaching your destination?

Of course it will. The reviews and ratings from the members of Plattershare has encouraged me to enhance my cooking skills and improve “Bhojana” to a higher standard. Moreover, Plattershare gives me a platform to showcase my recipes and helps me to get connected with other food bloggers.

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