Essential Oils For Nausea

I’m sure all of us have had bouts of nausea that it doesn’t matter what you seem to try to help settle that horrible feeling you have in your stomach.  There are also very different reasons to have nausea that make you want to just curl up in a ball you’re so uncomfortable.  This could be a woman having nausea from a pregnancy, sea or motion sickness, or even from receiving chemotherapy.


You have probably tried numerous over the counter remedies and even prescription remedies and some do the trick and you can make it through your day by taking some pills.  Well what if I told you there is a natural way to help cure your bouts of nausea and doesn’t have to involve you taking another pill just to get by. 

Would you like to the natural way to cure that nausea, or stick with taking some of the medications that help with your nausea but give you side effects that make you feel worse than you did to begin with?  Have you heard of any essential oils for vomiting?  If not don’t worry I did the research for you and here is some of the information that I found. 

I know you all know what ginger is, but did you know it’s also available as an essential oil.  Ginger in the form of an Essential Oil has been found to been very effective when used to treat individuals suffering from nausea.  In the form of an Essential Oil, studies were completed and found that this form or fresh ginger had almost the same benefits to your health.

Peppermint Essential Oils have also been found to be very helpful in the treatment for nausea and doesn’t smell too bad either.  This Essential Oil has been found to help control or reduce most symptoms related to nausea within 1 day.  Here are a couple ways you can give it a try by doing:  Rub 1 to 2 drops on your feet or neck, 5 to 10 drops into a bath, or even on a rag or compress and position on your head.

Lemon Essential Oil is another very effective way to treat nausea and help you to detoxify your body.  When the scent from this oil is inhaled, it was found to greatly reduce symptoms of nausea.  This Essential Oil is a very helpful treatment for nausea during your pregnancy.

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There are also some mixtures of certain Essential Oils that work great together to help you with the symptoms you may be feeling currently.  If you place 1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil, 1 drop of Ginger Essential Oil, and 1 drop of Fennel Essential Oil, and mix same amounts of a base or carrier oil. Once, mixed together well use your hand and massage it around your stomach area your symptoms will start to disappear.

I hope this helps shed some light for you and can help if you need to try something from home to help you to start and feel better.  Before you use any Essential Oil be sure to do some searching  on recommended amount of drops or liquid that you can use to see it.

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