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Belly Nirvana - Plattershare Associate Program

Belly Nirvana - Plattershare Associate Program

Hello Plattershare family,

Lot of talks and discussions have paved the way to finally come up with the “Plattershare - Associate Program”. As you all know, Plattershare is a holistic food social media platform which connects food enthusiasts to share their passion for food. Be it Home-Chefs, Professional Chefs, Food Bloggers, Food Professionals or Foodies who love to appreciate the taste and aroma of dishes around the world. All are welcome to share, connect, network and promote their passion for food. While you do so, Team Plattershare is determined to appreciate your effort and contribution on Plattershare.

In this journey of appreciation we conducted online contests and offline events in cities like Bangalore and Lucknow. And now we are ready with yet another way to recognize your efforts via Plattershare – Associate Program named as “Belly Nirvana”. Before you wonder what this is and why this name, lets solve this riddle for you. wink

What’s in the name?

Well, Everything! Team Plattershare was thinking of a name for this program and zeroed in on “Belly Nirvana” because if our Belly gets Nirvana (Satisfaction and Peace) after eating an amazing dish, it is the ultimate satisfaction taking us on cloud nine. And if this passion of eating and cooking gets you amazing surprizes then your Belly will definitely get Nirvana. So we came up with this lip smacking name “Belly Nirvana”.

What’s this program about?

Plattershare Associate Program (Belly Nirvana) helps you associate and connect with various Food and Kitchen brands across the country and gives you an opportunity to try brand new and innovative food products and gadgets; and all this from the comfort of YOUR homes. Sounds Interesting? Read on for more details:

  • What does the association mean?
  • Food and kitchen brands from the food and beverage industry are looking for genuine and candid feedback about their products from genuine users. Plattershare is associating with various renowned brands who would send their products to you. Your suggestions and reviews would help the brands to improve themselves and here comes the best part of it - “YOU can get rewarded for it too
  • Your reviews would be published on Plattershare and the brand’s website which would help you to move towards your goal of becoming an influential Food blogger.

Do I have to pay to join this Associate program?

No - It’s absolutely free.

What are the Benefits if I get associated with the Belly Nirvana Program?

  • You would get to try new, innovative and useful kitchen appliances or taste delicious food products.
  • You would be allowed to keep the products/appliances at a heavily discounted price or at times completely free of cost.
  • When we receive your candid review (video reviews would have extra benefits), you would get rewarded for the same.
  • Your reviews would be published on Plattershare and brand’s website and hence giving you more and more visibility, reach and appreciation which is a step toward establishing you as the influential food blogger.
  • Through this, you build a lifetime association with Plattershare, and we will reach out to YOU first with all the fantastic opportunities that will come our way

How do I join this program?

  • Mandatory - Complete your Plattershare profile (if you have not completed it yet – remember to upload your picture).
  • Mandatory - You should be an active contributor of good quality content on Plattershare. You can contribute via posting recipes or food stories.
  • Mandatory - Please fill out this form (click to open).
  • Please do specify your location in your Plattershare profile under settings as well.
  • AND DONE! We will contact you via mail or phone.

What Do I have to Do - Once Shortlisted?

  • or 2 products from the brand associated would be sent to your mailing address (Absolutely free of cost).
  • You may be asked to review or create a recipe using the product sent to you.
  • Terms and conditions for every campaign would be specified seperately.

 Sounds interesting? So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started… Enroll here

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a simple superb plan to strengthen our ties with Platteshare. Hoping for the best. Thank you.

Tried to fill out my extensive food history (writing, recipe development, teaching, etc.) on profile, but didn't find a link. My name is Lillian Kayte and I have credentials in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian worlds. Please let me know how I can forward this material. Thank you.

  • Plattershare Hi Lillian, good to know about you. In case you want to post your recipes and food blogs on Plattershare, you can find the options on your profile's update box, (for posting recipes please use 'Post a recipe' and for posting a food blog please use 'post a food story' option. In case you want to enroll for Belly Nirvana Program, the link is provided in the above article. To add more information about your self, please go to your profile page and click on the 'About' tab and click edit on the sections you want to edit.
  • Plattershare Once you login, you can click on the profile option on top right hand corner to access your profile.

A very nice concept to encourage us more :)

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Great concept. I would love to join!


Really excited to join such a unique and wonderful platform. Eagerly awaiting to get started!

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Wow, this is interesting! Would love to contribute.

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Nice concept, I just love the name😋

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Sounds interesting concept !!

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Very Interesting concept :)

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Looking forward!!!!

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Sounds very interesting.

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Very interesting and exciting concept every person should try and enjoy

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

very interesting... nice concept

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Belly Nirvana... wow loved tbe name. Wonderful associate programme. Looking forward.

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Platter share Associated program is totally different than others. So people should enjoy more and more

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

First, Review would start from tomorrow... Would send the mail shortly to all of the active users on the platform shortly which would give all the details to you.

Hem Lata Srivastava Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Wow...very interseting concept...and the name ..liked it. Something new to try...feeling excited..

Ankush Dhiman Plattershare

Very good concept. ....

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Wow nice concept ... Its a win win situation for bloggers as well as the companies .... really excited and best wishes team plattershare for your efforts ... :)

Hem Lata Srivastava Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

That's wonderful n interesting as well

Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

This is something new as well as interesting. I feel excited to know about the program more and work in it.... Thanks a lot Mam for such idea....

Hem Lata Srivastava Plattershare Ankush Dhiman

Yes I am ready and exited.

Hem Lata Srivastava Plattershare Ankush Dhiman


Plattershare Ankush Dhiman
  • Tanu Nigam Already Started waiting for your cal / mail...great opportunity for all of us.
  • Tanu Nigam Already Started waiting for your cal / mail...great opportunity for all of us.