Plattershare is a web based start-up, we are working on creating an awesome food networking website. Read more about us here.

Like most of the wonderful start-ups Google, Apple, HP, Amazon etc, we are also working from a very modest office in Patel Nagar, New Delhi. We are looking forward to people who want to work on something out of passion and not because they want  just another job. We have realized that life in a start-up can be very exciting and challenging but at the same time it can be quite demanding. So if you don’t love what you do, you wont be a perfect fit.

Our company will not be primarily driven by the profits we would make but by the contribution we can make to the society by doing what we love to do.

Please read our recent blog posts to get a flavor of challenges we face and our approach towards them.

If you think your passion and thoughts are in alignment with ours, please apply without giving a second thought.


Currently we are looking for a Web Developer and a Web designer

  • Web Developer proficient in PHP with oops concept, good knowledge of cake PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax & MySQL.
  • Web Designer   proficient in HTML, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Photoshop and should have knowledge about latest technology.


If you are not a Web Developer or a Web Designer however the thought of working in a start-up excites you, please  feel free to contact us.

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Team Plattershare


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