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Thelawala... My Love For Street Food

Thelawala... My Love For Street Food

To all the food lovers out there who easily forget all healthy advices in the name of lip smacking tasty, tangy & oil dripping Indian street food. Yes, I am talking about Indian street food, an epitome of Indian unity in diversity. Just turn around and you will not be surprised to see spicy Punjabi chole bhature in Kerala and Kolkatta's jhalmuri in Gujrat, chillcious Gujrati dabeli in West Bengal and Karnataka's steamed Idlis and mouth watering crunchy paper dosas all over India. Street food on rickety thelas (carts) creatively painted with Bollywood actor's/actress's fotus (photos) or others customized on shopkeeper's and main item’s name  such as “Gupta chaat wala” and many who have taken the liberty of embellishing the english language with their own unique creations like "Chai and Snakes" (strictly vegetarian) or "Fresh lame soda" (apparently they ran out of lime)  can be seen along Indian roadsides teasing our taste buds and filling our lives with real taste of India.

Being a foodie, I salute all these Thelawalas and would continue to report all about street food where ever I go and cool my tongue with hot spicy and yummy street food.

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