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Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron

Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
  • Prep time
  • Cooking time
  • Serves4 Person(s)
  • CategoryVeg
  • Cuisine TypeItalian
  • Good for Lunch , Dinner
About this Recipe

When I received the Hakubaku Oomugi Barley from GoIndiaOrganic through the Plattershare Belly Nirvana Program . I was quite confused as to what unique dish can I present by using this super grain. Since there was a simple recipe on its back cover (Rice+Barley) , the Italian food lover in me screamed out Risotto :) Did you know - Oomugi is usually referred to as "Barley" in Japanese! The Hakumagu Ooomugi contains twelve times the dietary fibre , 3 times the calcium and twice the qty of Vitamin B2 found in normal rice - that's why its a super grain which gives an immense health boost when added to your meals with no compromise on the calorie count.

Ingredients & Quantity
  • 1 -Onion (small) chopped
  • 20g + 30g+ 40g - Butter
  • 2 + 1 Tbsp - Extra Virgin olive oil
  • 250g - Rice
  • 50g - Oomugi Barley
  • 60ml - White wine, warm
  • 600ml - Veg Stock, hot
  • 200 ml - Milk
  • 2 garlic cloves - chopped
  • 250gms - Mushrooms, sliced
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1g saffron soaked in warm milk
  • 120g - heavy cream
  • 2 + 2 tbsp - Grated Parmesan
  • 20g - Rosemary
  • 10g - Oregano
  • Salt to taste
How to cook?
  1. Prepare the veg stock and ensure it is at a boiling point, turn off the flame and add in the milk & stir
  2. Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
  3. Fry the onions in 20g butter and 2 tbsp Olive oil till golden
  4. Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
  5. Add rice and barley, saute for few minutes until they turn translucent
  6. Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
  7. Add the warm wine and stir till the wine evaporates completely
  8. Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
  9. Pour the stock - milk , saffron mixture one ladle at a time, into the rice and ensure that the mixture is constantly stirred. Add salt to taste
  10. Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
  11. Continue to add the stock, one ladle at a time, until the rice is completely cooked
  12. Once the rice is cooked, but still a little al-dente, warm the cream and add it to the rice along with rosemary.
  13. Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
  14. In another frying pan - melt the rest of the butter, 1 tbsp Olive oil and the chopped garlic cloves. Fry the garlic till its golden
  15. Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
  16. Add the mushrooms and season with Oregano, black pepper and salt (I also added the bell peppers & baby corn to bring a variety and crunch to the dish).
  17. Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
  18. Dish out the rice in a serving plate and add the sauteed veggies, garnish it with left over parmesan. Serve hot with slices of bread
  19. Risotto With Mushroom & Saffron
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