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History Of Aviyal

History Of Aviyal

Aviyal is a tasty medley of a variety of vegetables.Largely prepared in kerala,tamil nadu and udipi cuisine it is a tasty juicy treat. It is mainly prepared in functions and wedding and is the main menu item in onam sadya. A great treat is made during festivities and the msin attraction is aviyal. It is prepared with mixed veggies such as pumpkin, carrot, beans, potato, drumstick snd brinjal carefully cooked in a gravy of yogurt with grounded coconut and green chilles. It is a must in every household in these states during festive times and thankfully very easy to make. I thought it to be a royal treat, until I learnt the story of aviyal and it's history.

As we all know of the story of mahabaratha, during the exile of pandavas, the five brothers were living in the kingdom of virata and each one was assisned a different post. Bheema, the second of pandava brothers was the chief cook in the royal kitchen. As in every royal kitchen there was no shortage of vegetables and coconuts. He cut all vegetables and carefully cooked them in a gravy of coconut and chilli paste in yogurt gravy.

As they all say, necessity is the mother of inventions and in order to please the virata king he created an outstanding delicacy and king was much pleased. The recipe of aviyal thus came into existence and till today we make,serve and enjoy on of the greatest tadtiest gravies. The method of preparing slightly differs in each state and in each home.

Each one has a unique and special way of making the aviyal and it is a real joy to feed your near and dear ones. So now we know even recipes have stories snd this one is probably unheard of and untold too. Do this is the history in the making of greatest recipes of all times.

History Of Aviyal
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