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9 Tips To Becoming The Killer Food Photographer

9 Tips To Becoming The Killer Food Photographer

When it comes to food blogging one of the most important thing is to style your food well. You want to make them drool over their keyboards and how to do it is a big question. I am myself a big foodie however it takes more than love and understanding for food to make a food picture look as good as it tastes.

Well, here are nine tips from the world of experts that would make turn your food blog into a the killer food blog.

1) Smaller Plates and Bowls: People generally believe that best things come in small package. Thus always use small plates and bowls for clicking your food. 

2) Keep it Natural: Natural is always good. Do not go an extra length to clean up everything and to make things too neat. A little bit of extra table salt after you have sprinkled it on finger chips is just okay. 

3) Preserve the drool factor of your food: There is something in a well clicked food picture that keeps your audience from navigating away. You would want to achieve this, no matter what. Make sure that the chilled juice has condensation on the outside of the glass. That is what would make the reader get hooked to it on a hot afternoon. Right? 

4) Use simple, classic and clean Cutlery: You don't want your audience to be so distracted by the beauty of your cutlery that they miss the food. Remember the important part of your food blog is the food. 

5) Lighting: The importance of good lighting has always been emphasized in photography however experts say that it becomes more vital when it comes to food photography. Shadows could set the mood right for the food if you pay the right amount of attention to it.

6) Color contrast: Most of the experts would either use white plates or silverware. The food looks exceptionally bright thus catching the imagination of your readers in just the right way. 

7) Smaller Servings always look better: We mentioned smaller plates and bowls above also may be you would like to serve smaller than normal portions of food. Once a small amount of food is served, use the rest of the space to frame your dish as well as you could. 

8) Storm in the making pictures: Make sure to keep your kitchen counter clean at all times and click a few shots while preparing the storm. It gives a different kind of feeling to the readers and all those who want to recreate the magic of your recipe at their homes get extra help too. 

9) Shoot, Eat and click again: Some food pictures are more captivating when a little of it has been eaten. See, if your dish would also look better after it has been half eaten. Do click another picture after tasting a spoonful of your creativity. 

Also, tell us, what is your secret to awesome food photography. 

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