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5 Wacky Tiffin Ideas For Fuzzy Little Eaters

5 Wacky Tiffin Ideas For Fuzzy Little Eaters

How does one turn a picky and moody eater, whose favorite food is mud, into a foodie? Now that’s an age old question worth grappling with. How will you get your little one to munch down on those green vegetables if he doesn’t even sit still on the dinner table?

What’s more worrisome is wondering how pathetic it is in school? If a teeter tot won’t eat at home, the chances of them eating their lunch boxes are next to none. WHAT TO DO? This is the cry of every mother. Here are a few crazy tiffin ideas for your picky eater!

1) Finger Food is good

Children absolutely cannot, and will not refuse finger foods of any kind! It’s impossible for them. There’s a reason why baby carrots are yummier than the normal-sized carrots, because they’re baby! That’s the logic your child probably uses and you should too! Here are a few finger goods to get you started.

Fruit Salads are the easiest! But don’t forget the “baby” rule. Tiny sliced bananas, carrots, oranges and just make the whole salad a miniature colorful fruit festival. The tinier they are, the more likely kids will eat it. Remember, its child logic, and we can’t question it.

Fried chicken is another crowd favourite. How do you feed that to kids? You make it crunchy, and you make it into smaller pieces. Anything crunchy and small is likely to be consumed and very much appreciated. Need a start? Look at this recipe of crispy fried chicken.

2) Bake the cake

Who doesn’t love a good cake? The best way to get your kid to eat something not loaded with sugar is to make it at home. Does your kid hate bananas? Make a banana cake with the right amount of chocolate and help them wash that down with milk, and you’ve got a stuffed and happy belly! Who doesn’t like that? Pack it for their lunch and their friends will go crazy too. Nutrition and taste all in one! This works for adult picky eaters as well. tongue-out

3) Pasta grooving

You probably never paid attention to the shape of the pasta you cook. Like almost everyone, we mostly pick penne, nothing too fancy. Your kid probably doesn’t like that. Pick up some funky shapes and sizes, coupled with your child’s choice of sauce, and there’s nothing that can go wrong! Think there’s only penne and spaghetti available? Think again! Here’s a list of some amazing (and beautiful) pasta shapes to choose from for your child’s next lunch.

4) Are you Nuts!

No seriously! If nuts and seeds aren’t already a staple in your kitchen, something needs to change. Dry fruits and nuts carry essential fatty acids that your child needs to ensure a healthy growth. A handful of nuts a day is all that needs to be consumed. Whatever you’re packing for lunch, add with it a handful of nuts or seeds such as pumpkin or sunflower or add them to flour and make delicious nutty parathas.

5) Egg-xactly!

Eggs are probably the most versatile of all foods! They can be cooked or coupled with anything ranging from macaroni, to pizzas, to rice, and even the good old parathas. Here are 10 ways to cook eggs so that your young one cannot refuse.

Remember, decoration is key. If you really want to go funky, then try this: wink

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