The first birthday of the Co-Founder with 500 Fb Fans

Ankush Kumar Dhiman, the Co-Founder of Plattershare reached another milestone of his life yesterday on 10th April, 2012. Also, he has been reborn this year with the dream of Plattershare being so close and so livid and so alive now. Seems like this is what we have been born for. It is an amazing feeling to own something.

Calling Plattershare “mine” gives us a thrill, a shiver, a thunder and that takes us to another level. Ankush, as a matter of fact thought of Plattershare more than ever yesterday on his birthday and I knew that I would need to express it in words on his behalf for the simple reason that I consider that Ankush is not at all on the literal grounds. I think that answers an old question, why it is always me writing about the events. 😉 Find everything in fabrics for your event at CV Linens, teal table runner, cheap table runner, visit the website and check the prices.

Plattershare, we had planned to launch it this past week however, some more technical difficulties on our plate and now we are again thinking of a new probable date for the launch. I am not sure what is happening. May be our development team could put some light on the issue. However, Ankush made a great mistake by not calling the development team for his birthday party. He should have called them, made them get drunk and should have asked the team if there is an underlying issue. Well, jokes apart, we are definitely struggling to make the launch as quick as possible and may be there is something that we are not doing right.

The gift that the Mr Co-founder got was 500+ fan for our Plattershare page on Facebook. No doubt that we have complete support of yours and we would soon come up with the completed website and a full fledged launch.

The message from the CEO’s heart and from a fellow subordinate’s keyboard!

Shilpa Jain
Shilpa Jain


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