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It’s been quite a long time since I have written a blog post to script our journey at Plattershare and a lot of people have been asking us about our goals and vision at Plattershare, what are we trying to do? How it would help our foodie community? So I thought why not write it down and share it with the world.


What are we doing at Plattershare?

We want and we are, growing as a social media for food enthusiasts where all the information related to food that is being shared is well organized and is easily accessible by the user looking for it and at the same time generating various kind of new and exciting opportunities for our community members who are always willing to follow and share their passion for food with the world, so whether you are an established food bloggers or someone who is looking to start scripting his/her food journey online, we invite all of you to be a part of this community.

How do we intend to do all this?

Well, we are continuously working on improving our platform so that it becomes easy for our community members to publish and share their passion for food, whether its publishing their recipes, food stories, food pictures, food updates – all they have to do is sign up and start sharing. 😉

What excites people to share their content on Plattershare?

  • Apart from the passion for food that our community members want to share with the world, we are trying to come up with some innovative ideas to help the members follow their passion for food. Very recently, we launched The Plattershare Associate Program with the name ‘Belly Nirvana‘ where we give the active members of our community an opportunity to try and review new food products and food gadgets and at the same time helping the food brand associated get candid feedback and word of mouth promotion. The campaign has been well appreciated by our community members as well as by the brands who have partnered with us.
  • Also we are looking and discussing about ways where we can enable our regular contributors to monetize their content on Plattershare.

Why post on Plattershare and not create your own blog?

While we are not discouraging people from creating their own blogs, there are different type of advantages for different types of users on Plattershare.

  • People who do not want to get into the hassles of setting up their own blog/website can simply signup and start sharing their recipes, food stories, food pictures and updates on Plattershare.
  • As Plattershare’s community is growing, it would help existing food bloggers to drive traffic towards their websites and blogs.
  • Once we enable our community to monetize their content on Plattershare, it would become an additional source of income for them.
  • Looking from a visitors’ point of view, it becomes easier for them to subscribe to different food enthusiasts, food bloggers or food professionals through one platform rather than subscribing to different websites with different user interfaces.
  • And doesn’t it make more sense to work as a community and reap the benefits together rather than working alone? 😉

Anything new on the charts?

Yes, the app, we are launching the Plattershare App for Android and IOS in the Month of November 2016 and are quite excited about it and I am sure more than us, Plattershare’s community members would be excited about it 😉


And what are our community members saying?

Mmmm… I will let them speak themselves…

Astounding platform for food lovers! Feels like a digital family around sharing their activities with beautiful pictures and superb recipes. Great place to show your passion and love for food to other passionate foodies. More power to Plattershare who keep us fooding around always. ~ Monika Patel – Follow on Plattershare

“I thank plattershare for giving such a wonderful platform for bloggers to showcase our culinary passion and skills. It is very encouraging to participate in such contests, which help us to learn more cuisines. Especially, the rating being given against each post is highly motivating helping us to understand the standard of recipe from an outside perspective. I am overwhelmed with the team’s professionalism, response and encouragement given to all members and I feel truly happy to be part of the plattershare family.” ~ Priya’s Menu – Follow on Plattershare
“The day I connected with Plattershare platform I never thought that it will make my Food Blogger journey so exciting and full of opportunities.” ~ Meera Girdhar – Follow on Plattershare
“Plattershare right from the beginning of my journey as a food blogger consistently support, encourage and showcase my culinary skills. I could never forget the article they published about my cookery show in Sun T.V.” ~ Subhashni Venkatesh – Follow on Plattershare
“The day when I joined Plattershare I feel it is a part of my life.  I never feel myself alone I have a habit of experimenting with recipes. Now I got such a vast platform where I can show my talent. Sometimes when people remember me after thirty years for my recipes. I never feel I am growing in age, I feel energetic like a young perosn. Cooking is my passion. I think I had a right choice and friendship with Plattershare.” ~ Geeta Biswas – Follow on Plattershare

Thanks for reading, and if you are not already a part of our foodie community, we are waiting for you to get on board and be a part of this delicious and passionate journey for the love of food.


In case you have any feedback or suggestions please do share in the comments below.

Ankush Dhiman
Ankush Dhiman

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