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We keep saying that food bloggers and food lovers need to be on Plattershare and here are a few questions answered for your convenience.


Q – What is Plattershare?

A – Plattershare is a comprehensive Gastronomic Discovery Platform dedicated, designed and developed with passion, for food lovers from all around the world. We aim to create an interactive interface between people on both sides of the food and beverage business while creating value for our community.

Q – Why should I join it? 

A – Plattershare aims to be world’s largest food networking platform that would help everyone who loves food : whether you like to eat, cook, read, teach or serve food, everything would be available on Plattershare. As you are a food lover, it would beneficial for you to be on this platform. Your contribution would help us grow and in return we would help you grow.

Q – How can I contribute?

A – You can contribute in a number of ways. If you like to cook, you can share your recipes; if you are a food blogger, you can write about us and help us reach more food lovers. We also plan to come up with a module where in food bloggers can share interesting articles with their peers and followers.

Q – How will I benefit? 

A – Plattershare is a social network for foodies. It would be fully customized for food lovers; we would keep building tools that would help people to share their passion for food in well-organized manner.

  • If you are Foodie you can follow other foodies and share your food related knowledge and pictures.
  • If you are a Home/Professional Chef, you can share your recipes and food tips and create your own fan following and you can redirect these fans to your respective blogs.
  • If you are a Food Blogger, you would be able to share articles and create your own fan following and redirect them towards your blogs.

There would be whole lot of features that we would be coming up with to make Plattershare a wholesome food networking platform.

Q – Well, I can do the same thing on other social media, why Plattershare?  

A – Social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. aim at a larger audience which may or may not include food lovers. However, Plattershare is solely dedicated to food and would have audience that would be more interested in talking, sharing, and reading about food. This would make it more useful to you than other social media. In addition, Facebook shows posts to only 5-10% of your fans and in order to reach all of your fans you are required to pay for promotions. On the other hand, we would show all your posts to everyone who would be following you.


Q – You are a start-up, why shall I trust you? 

A – We agree that your time is valuable and you can’t risk it on something that would not bring value to your business. However, we would like to assure you that we are passionate and very confident about what we are doing and we would strive very hard to make it successful and useful to everyone who contributes towards it.

Q – Okay! This sound Great, how do I start?

A – You can simply start by signing up on You can sign up as a Foodie, Home Chef or both. Professional Chefs and Food Bloggers can sign up as a Foodie and can edit their profile information once we are live with a module for you.

Should you have any further questions, please let us know. Lets work together to build something awesome to share our passion for food.

Waiting to see you on Plattershare – Keep Fooding Around

Ankush Dhiman
Ankush Dhiman

I take each day as it comes. Love nature, good food, meditation, yoga, cycling and photography...

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