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Grow Your Own Herbs

Grow Your Own Herbs

Herbs which you can easily grow in pots and add in your salads and veggies.

Growing your own herbs has SO many benefits! Not only can you save up on spending on something you obviously need on a regular basis, but you can also have the pleasure of consuming something natural and not loaded with pesticides and other chemicals. However, it’s definitely a daunting task! What herbs can I grow? How much sunlight do they need? How regularly do they have to be watered? Should they be kept indoors or outdoors? Will they attract too many insects? So many questions that need answering! But fun fact, growing herbs at home is simpler and easier than you’d imagined. Here are the 7 best herbs to grow that won’t give you any stress, and add variety in both flavour and texture to your salads and veggies!


This is the most obvious choice! What’s the best part about mint? It’s one of the most versatile herbs! Tea, to mojitos and even to make the much loved mint chutney! However, it requires lots of water to grow and the only other setback is that you need to change the compost on a regular basis. Keep those things in mind and you’ll have mint for days!

Grow Your Own Herbs


This one is quite the crowd favourite! However, it needs lots of sun and warmth, so if you need anything adorning your balcony, Basil is the choice for you! It’s quite low maintenance with some delicious returns! The soil needs to be well-drained and only water it every other day.

Grow Your Own Herbs


This isn’t something most people expect to grow but it’s one of the most forgiving herbs. It doesn’t spread far too wild and requires medium care. It needs to be placed in sunlight, but avoid direct exposure.

Grow Your Own Herbs


It’s the Indian favourite! It’s used in almost every Indian curry so this is a staple you need in your yard. It needs shade and frequent cutting, to avoid turning into seeds. They however survive the harshest of temperatures and grow back lush and green in the spring. However, it needs to be harvested properly before it turns to flowers and seeds.

Grow Your Own Herbs


One of the most aromatic herbs, the scent of which can even help improve your memory! It requires frequent watering and full sunshine; it needs to be kept moist and soilless. It’s best grown from a cutting, and not roots or seeds.

Grow Your Own Herbs
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