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Crispy Chocolate Cupcakes By Little Chef Ishaan!

Crispy Chocolate Cupcakes By Little Chef Ishaan!
Crispy Chocolate Cupcakes By Little Chef Ishaan!
  • Prep time
  • Cooking time
  • Serves6 Person(s)
  • CategoryVeg
  • Cuisine TypeBritish, Desserts
  • Good for Snacks

About this recipe

Yummilicious rice crispy cupcakes! This was my little 1 year old son's playtime activity at nursery...

Ingredients for Crispy Chocolate Cupcakes By Little Chef Ishaan!

  • 50-60 grams butter (unsalted)
  • 150 gms dark chocolate (You may use milk chocolate if you prefer a milder flavour!)
  • 150 gms rice crispies or corn flakes. You could even use oat flakes or any other crispy breakfast cereal to make it healthier! (I wouldn't try to make this healthy :-))
  • 4 tbsp Golden Syrup
  • Cupcake decor to suit the occasion. In the picture: Sugar coated Easter eggs and fluffy chickens!
  • A big plastic bib and a wooden spatula for the baby chef!

How to cook Crispy Chocolate Cupcakes By Little Chef Ishaan!

  1. Daddy: Pour the butter, syrup and chocolate chunks in a saucepan or a big bowl if you are using a microwave.
  2. Daddy: Heat the saucepan over a flame until the three ingredients mix together and melt into a chocolaty pour-able (flowing) liquid paste. Be careful if you are doing this in a microwave as you will need to keep an eye and keep stirring occasionally to make sure it doesn't stick to the sides of the bowl and burn in concentrations.
  3. Daddy: Allow the melted mixture to cool for 3-4 minutes at room temperature.
  4. Baby under Daddy's supervision: Pour the crispy ingredients (whatever you may have chosen - corn flakes, or rice crispies or other cereals) in a large bowl.
  5. Baby under Daddy's supervision: Pour the luke-warm flowing chocolate mix over the crispies and mix using a spatula. Make sure enough bibs are handy, I have seen the mess, :-)
  6. Baby under Daddy's supervision: Prepare 10-12 cup cake cases on a muffin tray (slightly greasing them if you aren't using cupcake cases). Pour the mixture on each case to roughly fill up the cases. Next time I will leave this activity for the little one to do independently n let the mess happen :-)
  7. Baby under Daddy's supervision: While warm, place the sugar coated eggs and any other decor on the cupcakes as desired. Be careful with ingredients that are not suitable for eating if serving to children (e.g., we used furry n fluffy chickens as you would see in the picture which had to be carefully removed before serving to children)
  8. Daddy: Once poured, place tray in fridge to settle. Leave for at least an hour before serving!
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