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Shahi Gulkand Gulab Jamun

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Traditional gulab jamun recipe with a twist. So shall we twist ????_x000D_ Deep fried sweet dumplings filled with the refreshing gulkand, pistachio nuts , broiled saffron and sugar candy, stewed in flavoured sugar syrup.
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Served AsDinner, Lunch
Servings 12


  • Haryali Mawa- 250 gm.
  • All-purpose flour- 50 gm.
  • Soda Bicarb- a pinch
  • Salt a pinch
  • Green Cardamom Powder- 04 gm
  • Water Chillied- As required to mix
  • For covering the dough: Muslin cloth- ½ metre
  • For the filling / stuffing: Gulkand- 50 gm.
  • For the filling / stuffing: Pistachio nuts blanched , peeled and cut into halves- 25 nos.
  • For the filling / stuffing: Saffron strands broiled / lightly dry roasted – 02 gm.
  • For the filling / stuffing: Sugar candy small (Mishri)- 25 nos.
  • For the Sugar Syrup :Sugar: 3 ½ cups
  • For the Sugar Syrup: Water: 1 ¾ th cups
  • For the Sugar Syrup: Rose water- 10 ml
  • For the Sugar Syrup: Green Cardamom powder very fine- 05 gm
  • For the Sugar Syrup: Saffron strands lightly broiled– 01 gm.
  • For the Sugar Syrup: Muslin cloth for straining the sugar syrup- ½ metre
  • For clarifying sugar syrup: Milk OR Lemon juice- 05 ml.
  • For deep frying- Refined Oil / Pure ghee- as required
  • For Garnishing: Silver leaf- 02 sheets Optional
  • For Garnishing: Pistachio nuts blanched, peeled and slivered- 15 gm
  • For Garnishing: Almond blanched peeled and slivered- 10 gm
  • For Garnishing: Saffron strands broiled / lightly dry roasted – 01 gm.


  • Grate the mawa, add sieved all-purpose flour, cardamom powder and a pinch of salt._x000D_ Mix soda bicarb with chilled water. Mix into the mawa mixture. With the help of your fingertips, prepare a dough. DO NOT KNEAD, as the friction will cause the mawa to to become warm and loose its actual texture.
  • Keep the dough covered with a moist muslin cloth for 20 minutes._x000D_ Divide into equal portions.
  • Shape into round balls, press them , place the gulkand, pistachio nut halves, broiled saffron and sugar candy in the centre and carefully reshape to ensure that there are no cracks in the balls.
  • Deep fry on a slow flame in hot oil / ghee till golden brown._x000D_ While frying the gulab jamuns, keep stirring the oil / ghee not the gulab jamuns.
  • Prepare sugar syrup of one string consistency by taking water, adding the sugar continuously stirring to make sure that the sugar is dissolved. Now switch on the flame, let it boil and reach to one string consistency. Clarify it milk OR lemon juice.
  • Add warm gulab jamun to warm sugar syrup. _x000D_ Soak gulab jamun at least 10 minutes before serving so that it can absorb the sugar syrup.
  • Just before service apply silver sheet (Optional), garnish with slivered pistachio nuts, slivered almonds and broiled / lightly dry roasted saffron strands._x000D_ Serve hot or warm, as desired.


Chef Tips:
  1. The reason for putting salt in the mawa mixture is, that salt has the tendency to enhance and bring out the sweetness in the gulab jamuns / sweets prepared.
  2. _x000D_
  3. Haryali mawa is a special kind of mawa used especially for making gulab jamuns.
  4. _x000D_
  5. Make sure the oil / ghee is not too hot while you deep fry them, as they will only obtain the colour and remain uncooked from inside.
  6. _x000D_
  7. Do not soak gulab jamun more than 10 minutes before serving, as they tend to become soggy and loses its original texture and shape.
  8. _x000D_
  9. Ratio of sugar to water may be varied from 2:1 i.e. two parts of sugar to one part of water to 1:1 One part of sugar to one part of water. 3 ½ cups of sugar to 3 ½ cups of water.
  10. _x000D_
  11. You may add Kewra water to the sugar syrup to enhance the aroma and flavor.
  12. _x000D_
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3.90 from 154 votes

Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji
Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji

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