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Mix all the fruits and you get fruit salad. This is what I always thought after looking at all those tempting fruit salad recipes everywhere. I must appreciate that they are great recipes but I feel sorry that all of us make mistakes in the name of health. I am one of you and I am sure you are sailing the same boat. Ever since I met my Naturopath, who is treating me for few health issues. I realized that Raw and natural diet doesn't mean eating all the plants, leaves and fruits and veggies available in the market. There is a way to eat it to get maximum benefits. So sharing this eye-opening truth with all of you. Always eat one fruit at a time (Mono-fruit diet) because all the fruits have different nutrients and need different time to digest. Here is the recipe which you should have only at breakfast or if you want to have it for snacks, cut them fresh (DO NOT STORE FRUITS IN LUNCH BOXES) and eat them asap. Eat any one fruit before the sunset. Sharing the simple recipe for the perfect breakfast Fruit or rather mono- fruit salad. I have used Papaya here but you can use banana, mango, apple , pear. Please use seasonal and local fruits and not the fancy exotic ones.
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Prep Time2 hours 10 minutes
Total Time2 hours 10 minutes
Served As: Breakfast
Recipe Cuisine Type: Homestyle Cooking, Soul Food
Recipe Taste: Salty, Sour, Spicy, Sweet, Tangy
Servings 1


  • 250 gm Papaya
  • Fruits dry
  • 2 cashews
  • 1 Fig
  • 2 Dates
  • 2 Almonds
  • Raisins black/ green - 5 -6
  • 1 tsp Sunflower Seeds or pumpkin, or melon, or seeds, or seeds pumpkin melon seeds seeds
  • 1 tsp Flaxseed Powder


  • Wash all the dry fruits and seeds and soak them in few tablespoon of water as after soaking the water should not be thrown. Soak it for 2 hours or overnight.
  • Freshly cut papaya and add all the soaked nuts along with the water. Dont worry it would not make the salad soggy as most of the water would be absorbed by fig and raisins.
  • Sprinkle flaxseeds powder and you are ready to eat. Please eat it asap and do not store it for a long time if you really want this salad to work for you.

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4.40 from 7 votes

Kirti Yadav
Kirti Yadav

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