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No Bake Chocolate Walnut Cake Valentines Day

Dedicated To Chocolate lovers
No Bake Chocolate Walnut Cake Valentines Day
No Bake Chocolate Walnut Cake Valentines Day
  • Prep time
  • Cooking time
  • Serves4 Person(s)
  • CategoryVeg
  • Cuisine TypeDesserts
  • Good for Snacks

About this recipe

If you are not a good baker ,then you must go for this No-Bake cake .Its very Easy and full of taste like normal cakes.This cake when just goes to your mouth you will feel the chocolaty and creamy texture...It will give you an expression of mmmmmm!!

Ingredients for No Bake Chocolate Walnut Cake Valentines Day

  • Digestive biscuit or parle g biscuit - 800 grams
  • Walnuts - 100 grams(Chopped)
  • Sugar - 200 grams
  • Cocoa powder - 1/2 cup(60 grams)
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Butter - 150 grams
  • Vanilla extract - 1 tsp
  • Whipped cream - 1/2 cup (120 grams)
  • Chocolate chopped - 120 grams

How to cook No Bake Chocolate Walnut Cake Valentines Day

  1. Method 1.Take the biscuits and break them into small pieces. 2.Put them in a bowl. 3.Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat. 4.Dry roast walnuts for 5 minutes take it off.
    No Bake Chocolate Walnut Cake Valentines Day
  2. Spread the roasted walnuts over the biscuit bowl. 6.Take a pan put sugar, cocoa powder mix it well gradually add water in it whisk it well.
    No Bake Chocolate Walnut Cake Valentines Day
  3. Take butter and mix it in the content. 8.Keep the pan on the flame boil for about 7 to 8 minutes on a medium heat stir it well.
  4. Set aside to cool for about 10 to 15 minutes again whisk it and pour this liquid into the biscuit bowl and add vanilla extract also. 10.Mix it well.So that the biscuits ,nuts should get combine well with the cocoa syrup.
  5. Take a non-stick cake ware or you can choose a plastic container also,grease it with little oil and add the whole biscuit mix into it.
  6. Press it gently with the help of a knife or a flat spoon. 13.Refrigerate about 30 to 60 minutes.
  7. Take another pan add whipped cream heat the pan just it begins to boil add chopped chocolate into the cream.(for 3 minutes) 15.Take off the pan mix well the chocolates and the cream for 1 minutes till they turn smooth.
  8. Take your cake out from the fridge pour the chocolate cream mixture on the cake. 17.Spread it evenly on the cake,again refrigerate it for 3 to 4 hours before serving.
  9. Start demoulding the cake very gently. 19.Garnish it with chopped walnuts.
  10. Your NO BAKE CHOCOLATE WALNUT CAKE is ready.Enjoy :-)
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