Chur Chur Dahi

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Chur Chur Dahi is a curd and beaten rice (poha) parfait. It is a perfect healthy Breakfast. This fruit poha and yoghurt parfait is mostly cherished in Bihar. It is so yummy and a no cook breakfast delicacy. Yes having poha without cooking may sound absurd but tastes interesting. The crunchiness gives it the name chur chur and the fruits added to it makes it a complete nutritious meal. Just try it yourself and you would say wao..
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Served AsBreakfast
Servings 2


  • 4 tbsp poha pressed rice
  • 100 gms curd
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • 2 tbsp Hersheys strawberry syrup
  • 1 Banana slices
  • 2 -4 Strawberry
  • 10 Black Grapes
  • 4 teaspoon red and greenTutti frutti


  • In a bowl soak the pressed rice ( poha ) in beaten curd for half an hour . It would dry and thicken. If it is too dry add little more curd. Add honey to this mix and keep aside.
  • Take a glass and put 1 tsp tutti frutti in it.
  • Top it a layer of banana slices and few black grapes.
  • Pour 1 tsp Strawberry hersheys syrup over it.
  • Now put a thick layer of curd and poha mix prepared.
  • Top it with a little more beaten curd.
  • Again add fruits banana , grapes , Tutti Frutti and strawberry.
  • Pour in a little hersheys syrup over the top and your chur chur Dahi is ready.


  • You can add fruits of your choice or as per season like mango, pomegranate.
    You can also add dry fruits raisins etc.

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4 from 6 votes

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