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Allam Pachadi (ginger Pickle/ Thokku)

Dedicated To My Mother
Allam Pachadi (ginger Pickle/ Thokku)
Allam Pachadi (ginger Pickle/ Thokku)
  • Prep time
  • Cooking time
  • Serves10 Person(s)
  • CategoryVeg
  • Cuisine TypeIndian
  • Good for Lunch

About this recipe

Allam Pachadi is the all time favorite side dish for anything on your plate. This is an authentic pickle/chutney/thokku of Andhra pradesh with a divine taste. Will tickle your taste buds with its exotic spicy, tangy and sweet flavours. We lived  in Vijayawada during my first few years of schooling and my mom learnt it then. This is her signature recipe...

Ingredients for Allam Pachadi (ginger Pickle/ Thokku)

  • Ginger 500gms
  • Tamarind a big lemon size
  • Red chilli powder 5 tb spoons
  • Jaggery powder 6 tb spoons
  • Crystal salt 4 tb spoons
  • Gingelly oil 150 ml
  • Mustard seeds, chana dal and 2 red chillies for seasoning

How to cook Allam Pachadi (ginger Pickle/ Thokku)

  1. Wash the ginger well without any dirt and wipe them dry. Peel the skin and cut them to small pieces.
  2. Boil 50 ml of water and soak the tamarind in the hot water. Wait till the hot water gets cooled.
    Allam Pachadi (ginger Pickle/ Thokku)
  3. Now take a bigger size mixie jar and add the ginger pieces, jagery powder, salt, red chilli powder and the soaked tamarind (without water) into it and grind to very fine smooth paste.
    Allam Pachadi (ginger Pickle/ Thokku)
  4. Then add the water in which the tamarind was soaked and grind further to smooth paste. Transfer the stuff to a broad bowl.
    Allam Pachadi (ginger Pickle/ Thokku)
  5. Heat a wok with 150 ml of gingelly oil. Add the seasoning items. When the chana dal becomes roasted red , pour the oil on the ginger stuff in the bowl  and mix well with a ladle.
    Allam Pachadi (ginger Pickle/ Thokku)
  6. Once the pickle gets cooled store it in a glass bottle. It can be stored for months in refrigerator and used.
  7. It can be spread on the rotis and rolled for lunch box. It gives a heavenly taste when had with idli, dosa and pesarratu.
  8. Can be mixed in hot rice and had with any raithas.
  • Tastes:  Tangy, spicy, sweet, hot |
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