So, here we are with two new members who would not like their names mentioned on the site yet. One is a cool guy from Delhi, working in Mumbai.

The other one is this dudette who is completely against blowing her own trumpet. The problem here is that she does not even let others blow it. Mr Cool is of the view point, ” First let me deliver, let me do something for Plattershare and then I would like to be introduced on the blog.”

Miss Dudette, would not allow us to post her pic here on the blog as she does not want to go public yet. She says, ” I am better off behind the scenes. I am just fine here.”  Therefore, cant formally introduce them here however just to keep everybody updated we do have two new members now.

A cool Guy and a dudette for an initial round of introduction. Dale is at home, with family. Most probably enjoying with his friends. Kanika is ill, down with jaundice so a little out of action.  She might be enjoying her time in the bed with porridge and medicines.

Ankush and myself are looking for a PHP and HTML guy.  Sumit is brainstorming to create a basic wireframe layout for the website. It is very warm in Delhi and that is all for the news today !