Hey! Look you are here again. Reading my blog anxiously. Waiting to find some recipes on the platter. However, this time, you might be disappointed. May be you won’t. I am feeling emotional and nostalgic. Mom! I am home. Wherever you go, whatever you do one thing which you will miss always is Mom-made-food. All the moms around the world are just Mom’s. They are all the same when it comes to food.

They feed you as if you are malnourished ever since you have left home. While, you have been wasting hours in gym (I find it really boring, mundane and monotonous to workout), she has been waiting and preparing a detailed menu of what to serve you on your home visit week. Every day’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu in complete details. So this category of homo-sapiens who is epitome and embodiment of love and affection has an ever burning desire to nourish their kids. One home visit week means a week long gala food festival with loads of ghee, butter, sweets and of course love.

You are grown up, working in big companies, managing people and your own life on top of everything. However, for your Mom! you are still a kid who doesn’t know how to cook. So her “mission-impossible” to feed you up to the brim starts months before you even reach the railway station of your home town. As if you are not going to eat till next time you are back home.

I am sure by now you are at home (in your imagination!) and missing your mom’s touch and warmth. Chole-batura, Dahi-Vada, Kadhi, Kofta, Dahi-Aloo, Pedha, Imli (Tamarind) Chutney, Aloo-Paratha and her world famous Gulab Jamun (aka Kaale waala Rasgulla)  are few among my mom’s long list of delicacies which are desperately waiting to increase my weight to few kgs in next couple of days.

Moms and Doctors are always in tug of war and you are in the middle and you definitely know who wins every single time! Oh yes! you are correct mother’s ghee laden rotis are much more powerful than omega fatty acid tablets. She is in the kitchen; I can see that she is tired. She is struggling with the heat as usually Indian Kitchens don’t have fans. I wonder why has nobody thought about it? Despite all this, her dedication to feed the whole family is incredible and marvelous.

Today is a great day for her. Did she get an award? No! Her kids are around and she is running helter-skelter to arrange things on the table. Your younger brothers or sisters are sneaking in the kitchen to get the bite of delicious dish even before its ready to be served. Well, my 25 years old younger brother still does that.

When she finds that her already healthy or fatty kid is eating those ghee loaded rotis, she feels on seventh heaven or if there is a heaven above it. She starts blaming the whole world like restaurant, office, cook and even kid’s spouse for not feeding her kid properly, who in medical terms has already crossed the deadline of Body-Mass Index.

“Mom, Doctor has asked me to avoid oily food. I might get cholesterol in future” you say. However, such cautious warning is not in her dictionary. She believes her ghee has power to heal any disease just like Ram-dev’s Kapaal-Bharti (Yoga exercise).

There comes your father who has always shown that he is as hard as rock. The strict and disciplined one of the family. However, do you know who brings all those ingredients from the market on his rickety's rickety scooterIt’s that very same figure who now sits at the far end of the room admiring you being fed by your mother.

Today this home-chef is too emotional and cannot continue to write further. Just lying back and thinking about those lovely childhood days. I am lucky to have my mom and same as you are. Hey! you are still here reading this. Get up and call your mom!