So here we come to see more than 100 followers on our Plattershare page on Facebook. Kanika saw the number “100” followers first, and then instantly reminded me of how I simply get my subscribers from The Marketing Heaven and that I must utilize them. Then Ankush got to hear the news and then I and then finally the contributor who has been going crazy while on a vacation, Natasha. Since then the number has been steadily going higher and higher. I just wish that I log in to the page to see zeroes getting added to Plattershare’s page.

Natasha has her school off and thus, she has been spending most of her free leisure time popularizing her friend’s crazy idea of Plattershare. Similarly, Kanika is now back from her fortnight long slowdown and is working on developing interesting community work etc to keep Plattershare’s users occupied.

Dale seems to be a little lost somewhere. Ankush went home for a puja organized by his mom. So, now it is a celebration time for everybody. Sumit was so glad to know that we have reached a 100 users count that he will finally be joining this crazy crowd of Platterians on facebook.

Thanks alot friends for joining in and being a part of Plattershare’s growth. Special Thanks to Natasha for going crazy. As I am writing this, I just received her message saying, ” Another day goes by and the fan count has just reached 129″ ┬áHe he he he. Ask me! It is a sheer treat that all of you are there. Well, we would soon be celebrating 1000th User.

So, Cheers for the first milestone and let us buck up to get to the second milestone of 1000 Platterians.