“””Love and Cooking. The comparison seems odious as usual however this is the best comparison ever made. The legendary cook of Paris once said, there is no love greater than a man’s love for food. Could you beat that? Well, as we all love food and all food lovers feel a certain kind of pride about cooking and that is what makes cooking so like love. It is not just close but also very similar in the kind of mindset these two task put you into.

Cooking means making something and presenting it to your guests and when people appreciate what they eat you feel as if it is your creation and you feel flattered. Is it not the same feeling with your lover? When somebody appreciates your lover, you feel a certain uplift of air. The feeling is the same. This appreciation is for what I have created. The energy, element and the essence of cooking is similar to love.

I have always loved cooking and thus, cooking loves me back. Chocolate is the desire and temptation whereas salt is the expression of concern. Sugar is the romance whereas vinegar is the jealousy. Name anything that you could think of in cooking or in love and I would tell you how it corresponds to some element in the other act. I invite you to a discussion.”””

Guest post by Amisha Singh Thakur