A Sunday full of actions. Sounds a little funny? Awkward? Well, that is what our day was. I woke up late and that was very much like a Sunday. Ankush came over in the evening. We decided to sit and work. So, here started out Sunday unlike a Sunday. We worked for some time and then I realized that we need to buy a few things for my laptop. So, just to make the full use of our Sunday evening, we went to Croma.

I bought a laptop bag, a screen protector, a wireless mouse and other such things for my laptop. Ankush on the other hand clicked a few photos for the Plattershare Facebook wall. We did a round of the Kamla Nagar market and then came back. it was such a pain to fix the screen protector on the screen but we were eventually successful in doing so with some efforts. So, now we were pleased to see my laptop looking brand new once again after three weeks.

Ankush had left and then he suddenly called. Now guess what? He could not locate his camera. His new Fuji film, 14 mega pixel camera, that he was so proud of. He was fond of showing it off every now and then. We did a lot of brainstorming about where we might have lost it and all but to no success.

Therefore, I am writing this blog post in sweet memory of Ankush’s beloved digital camera. I would mourn the loss by not talking for the next 7 hours from now. (Don’t tell Ankush that I would be sleeping and would any which ways won’t talk).