Happy Independence DayAs India celebrated its 68th Independence day, I am compelled to ask, we did get freedom 68 years back however are we free even today?

India ranks second unsafe places for women to exist. Does that make you feel like a free country? India is a country that worships female deities at large and a country where Gods and Goddesses are depicted as the ultimate source of world’s balance. A country whose basic religion and history talks of the feminine power that liberates all. Who would believe that this very same country is now such an unsafe place for women to exist. How did we transform from a balanced society to a male oriented and male dominated society?

Kitchen is not the only place for women and women are not just meant to toil in the kitchen.

Plattershare urges Indian men to pick up a simple recipe and make it for their lady every once in a while. We also encourage women to make their time spent in the kitchen more worthwhile by bringing their talent to the table. We are launching E-shops too with a view to help empower women by giving them a platform to sell their amazing creation.

Keep Fooding Around…