CoffeeIt begins with the luring ‘fragrance’ of freshly roasted beans, flowing out from the open top of a hot coffee jar. A hot mug of energizing ‘Espresso’ at the onset of a day, gives us the kick to start, just the right way. The full bodied blend of sorts and the smooth finish, with a scoop of whipped cream, is the much fantasized cup of our lives, isn’t it? This brewed hot cup of fantasy, right after an occupying day, works wonders for us all. This mug has been quite a companion in the darkest hour. It has not only lit up glum moments in the lives of our folks, but has also been solely the reason for boosting hope and confidence in their minds, right before the moment they needed to deliver.

That’s the true essence of this bond we share with a hot mug, full of vitality. It is needless to mention, that a wholesome mug of revitalizing ‘Mocha’, can set your mood right when ever and where ever you may fancy it. On the high or feeling low – you blend it and you pour it! While some like it hot, some like it cold. Some like it in the pot, iced and cold.”

Guest Post by Aditi Srivastava