Our dream of creating a wholesome food networking portal is now becoming a reality. To support it, we started our crowd funding campaign and in less than 2 weeks, we have raised 10% of our target funding amount.

We are very thankful to people who have supported us till now and we are very hopeful that more support would be extended by all of you out there.

It has been such a satisfying journey for all of us here at Plattershare. The target of raising 7 lakhs in 60 days scares us and drives us. The campaign is keeping us on our toes.

I believe that the Earth has become such an amazing place to be living in. I feel grateful to the almighty that we have such wonderful people living with us at this time.

This time is the best time to be alive in the whole of human histroy.

You too can support Plattershare. You just have to visit to check out the campaign in detail. If you like the concept, you could support us with as little as Rs 500/- and in return, you get cool rewards as token of gratitude.

We are thankful to Preeti Arora, Chitra Unnikrishnan, Raja Panchal, Shally Rastogi, Vikash Mittal, Anup Singh, Rahul Bangia, Moon Bug, Prem Agarwal, Pratima Jain, Pradeep Kiran, Shikha Bansal, Abhishek Sikaria, Rahul Jain, Divyapreet Kaur, Elamathi Thangamani, Tapan Karambelkar, Prashanth Narayanasetti, Reetika Gupta, Amit Singhania, Swati Dhankar, Asha Agarwal, Preeti John Nawani, Rohita Agarwal, Rakesh Singh Thakur and alot of other anonymous contributors who have helped us reach here. We are very hopeful that all of you would also join hands in days to come.

Thank You God for getting us here!