If you are staying in North Campus (Delhi University) and you want to have good Chinese food, I could suggested you a lot of places but the newest of the lot and also the best would undoubtedly be China Bowl opposite NDPL office in  Vijaynagar. It is open form 11 in the noon till around midnight depending on the crowd. The food however, is awesome. The services are world class, the price is pocket friendly and the experience is a cloud nine experience.

Yesterday two of our Platterians were plattered by the amazing staffs at China Bowl. Divya and Shilpa were there to have their Friday lunch. Shilpa says, “What I like about China Bowl is that their staffs and services have a standard matched by none other in the whole of the campus.” Moreover, her economical temperament craves for China Bowl more and more with every visit.

Today, it was Ankush’s turn to be swiped off his feet. His tummy was full up to the brim however; he was still literally dragged to the restaurant by Shilpa. He was like “Awesome”. He was pleased with the services provided to us the moment we stepped in the restaurant. Remember that he has done Hotel management which means that it is really difficult to please him with just average services.

Divya was first bowled over by their Ice tea and then by their crisp and salty and delicious fried wanton. She was a scene to look at. She exclaimed, “Whoooooa… I have never had such amazing fried wanton.”

The average Cost per person: Rs 60 – 120

The best part: Services, Ambiance and Pocket friendly prices.

Shilpa goes gaga over: Gravy Manchurian

Ankush would forever look forward to a visit for: Baby Corn (Salt and pepper)

Divya Fell in love with: Ice Tea (Completely different from McDonalds’) tastes a little tangy and has a soothing effect in a summer afternoon.

They deliver across Campus for free.

However, I suggest that if you really want to pamper yourself feel free to visit and experience it for yourself.