Every entrepreneur dreams of growing his business by reaching more and more people to build up a large customer base. The only way to enable grand outreach is to promote your brand, product, or service. Since we are living in the age of web technology, you can’t deny the impact of online campaigning, and at the same time, offline marketing is also equally important.

That is why you have to be present both offline and online to grab the maximum number of customers. If you are still struggling with creating a fabulous client base, focus on the marketing. Here, you will get a decent idea of the top 10 impactful ways, both offline and online, which you can implement for your brand promotion.

5 Online Promotion Tips:

Here are five tips following which you can promote your brand online. 

Create Your Blog With Engaging Content   

There’s no reason to doubt that the best way to let others know about your brand online is through your website or blog. There you can regularly post about the product or service you work with, why your products are different from others, new launches, exhibitions, promotional offers, discounts and anything else you want to let others know.

For the blog, be very careful about the quality of the contents. It has to be crisp, insightful, and engaging, which adds a high value to your business. Remember, this is a long term marketing strategy. So, don’t expect magic to happen overnight.   

Market Your Content on Popular Websites like Medium or Quora

The web-based platforms, Medium and Quora, are extremely helpful in getting early traffic if your business is too young and still has a long way to build up high authority. Create a high-quality, insightful, concrete content describing your business. Make sure this keyword centric short piece of content adds great value by helping some people in some way. Link the article’s keyword to the main article of your company website or blog for better understanding.  

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads work wonders to catch the right segment of people for your business. Although you have to pay for Facebook ads, you will be rewarded shortly if you can create impressive advertisement videos. Based on the geographic location, interests, and personal data, you can find potential customers. Intro maker is the stepping stone to make announcements about your business to the rest of the world. For creating extraordinary intro maker no watermark, InVideo is a popular platform. 

Create Videos On YouTube

YouTube is an outstanding platform for brand promotion. Your informative and easy to understand video content can grab thousands of audience, among which many can become your steady customers later. The videos you will be uploading on your channel are the most vital part of YouTube marketing. You can search on the internet for the best free video editor for windows to attract huge traffic. InVideo is one such company that provides a free video editing platform.  

Contact Your Customers Through Email Marketing

Don’t neglect email marketing just because you are using other marketing strategies. It’s not that easy. The successful email marketers give away something for absolutely free in exchange for the customers’ email addresses. Create an ebook containing the email list of your valuable customers. Don’t aim at selling at every corner and turn. First, build up a healthy, close relationship with them and then focus on selling.   

5 Offline Promotion Tips:

Five tips given below will help you in the offline promotion of your brand.

Drop Your Business Cards

Using business cards to promote your brand is probably one of the oldest and cost-effective marketing strategies to make progress. You usually have a box containing the cards somewhere in your office. Don’t let them stay inside the office premises only. Make the most of them. Drop them anywhere and everywhere you think you can work sometime later.   

Attend The Trade Fairs And Exhibitions

Trade shows are fabulous opportunities to take your brand to the masses and build up a large customer network. If your company is too young and still has not made an authority, you must also attend the exhibitions or fairs. Through these kinds of shows, you can make plenty of business relationships that will reward you throughout the journey of your brand. You have to be present there to share your business with the world.

Keep all the doors open because you don’t know which one will become the turning point.

Beautiful Packaging

If you are selling physical goods, focus on the packaging and the product’s quality. Unique packaging helps to attract more customers, which most of the companies don’t try to understand.

Use Branded Merchandise

Apart from packaging, focus on other branded merchandise to promote your brand. You can use daily use stuff like pencils, mugs, phone cases, bookmarks, t-shirts to promote your brand.

Gift them to the visitors you are meeting on any trade show or event. You can also donate them to different charitable organizations to make your brand known.

Another useful way of promoting, though it is not exactly ‘merchandise,’ is to advertise your brand on vehicles. Mobile advertising has an incredible impact beyond your locality. 

To gain added publicity on the move, it helps. You will be able to catch a large number of customers who trust the local brand and prefer to physically visit shops rather than placing orders online or over the telephone.

Offer Help For Free

Humans inherently love to get free stuff. Provide useful information about your company to draw the attention of a broad range of clients. This also helps to build up the credibility of your brand.

Keep on looking out for shows, seminars taking place around you. Attend those as much as possible to spread your brand name. Also, offer free quotes and consultations for a particular day or during odd working hours. Furthermore, posters, banners, leaflets, flyers are effective promotion tools.


To grow big, choose both offline and online tools. Bear in mind that campaigning is not meant only for the established brands.