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Wonders Of Baking @ Ovenderful - Meet The Founder Simran Oberoi

Wonders Of Baking @ Ovenderful - Meet The Founder Simran Oberoi

Enjoy the legacy, classic and old-world flavors from Bangalore based bakery.

Something about Ovenderful and the founder of the yummy venture.
Ovenderful, which started as a baking blog back in 2011, turned into a home based bakery to blend my passion of baking with the source of revenue as I handled my toddler. Support & encouragement from friends and family along with a large degree of self-belief, helped me to take it forward and thus Ovenderful was born.

I was born and brought up in Calcutta, the eldest of 3 sisters. My mother's primary focus was always to instil the importance of being independent, confident and self-driven. I did my schooling and Bachelors of Arts (Economics) from Calcutta, MBA in Human Resources from Goa Institute of Management and worked as HR advisory with large MNCs. But the desire do something of my own helped me to explore new horizons. Currently I am a mother to 1 human kid of 2 years old and two Indie canine kids. Apart from baking, I spend my free time reading, occasionally writing poetry and actively raising funds through bake sales for various Animal Welfare NGOs in Delhi and Bangalore.

What's in the name? Tell us the story about selecting the wonderful name "Ovenderful"?
Actually I reached out to all my friends when I was looking for a name for my baking blog. A close friend Hazel suggested this name and I loved it immediately since it signified baking without being regular and run-off-the-mill kind.

Your first memory of baking and what does baking means to you?
My first bake was a Chocolate Tart - It could have been a cake, but I guess the challenge of trying to make the pastry crust and the idea of making something different appealed to me. I found that baking needs two different types of skills to come together - being precise and methodical as well as being experiential and risk taking! I haven’t undergone any formal training, so lot of time has been spend while trying to balance both the skills.

Baking is my passion which links my heart, soul and mind in a strong way to create a venture based out of it. It provided the much needed impetus to start Ovenderful in a bigger and more active way.

Specialty of Ovenderful, any must try delicacy.
Ovenderful specializes in two elements which cater to the most of people’s taste buds - the classic tea-time bakes which are great for regular use and the healthy bakes which have a kid-friendly variant . So between these two broad specialities I have over 75-80 types of bakes that one can try out. I also have variants such as alternative-flour bakes, eggless, nut-free, butter-less and vegan. So to define a must try delicacy one could really pick anything since everything is baked on order, free of preservatives and there are no artificial colours at all!

What's the best compliment which you have got?
Well, there are a lot of lovely compliments that people have been kind enough to give me along with a lot of appreciation. – and here is the best one!!

"I had the best & tastiest plum cake ever a few days back, and it was from Ovenderful. The eggless version is what I ordered. The package, the delivery & the overall experience was great. The cake in itself was a wonder - rich, juicy, melt-in-the-mouth one. Even now, the very thought of it wants me to have that one more slice to savour. Not only me but also my entire family loved it. We didn't want to share it with each other. It was THAT Good!:) Simran - you delivered a perfect cake. Also, my association with you over the past few days have got me a very good friend too! Thank you for the cake. Thank you for being so very nice a person too! Looking forward to relish more such goodies from you."

Where do you see yourself in next 2 years?
I love mountains and visits to cafes there, which carry baked goods that are a combination of the British legacy and indigenous produce, have been the inspiration to create the classic and simple old-world flavours in Ovenderful.

"My plan is to establish a Mountain artisanal café (a mix of premium artisanal bakery + cafe) in Bengaluru"

which provides wholesome and freshly baked classics inspired from the bakes in hill stations and serve it on the platter of cake lovers.

How can Plattershare help you in your mission?
Plattershare is a new-age platforms which forms a part of the targeted partnership and hence it can definitely help home bakers like myself to reach out to a wider audience and create a brand, who would have otherwise had to rely only on the social media channels and make large degree of investments in physical marketing on their own.

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Gonna try it soon :)


Simran ...Way to Go !!!

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