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Unhealthy Foods You Should Be Eating

Dedicated to Junk eaters
Unhealthy Foods You Should Be Eating

Most of us are sick and tired of having our favourite foods taken away from us because they’re “unhealthy”. How many times have you shamed yourself for eating an extra helping of chocolate? Or wanted to have three cups of coffee but stopped yourself because it’s so much caffeine, right? Wrong. I’m here to debunk everything you think you know about these “unhealthy” foods and help you get them back into your diet. Some of these may surprise you; other may leave you jumping out of happiness! So here’s a list of “unhealthy” foods that you should definitely consume (even if you’re on a diet).

  • Pizza

YES! I’m starting with the best! Pizza is given such a sorry reputation for being unhealthy because it’s loaded with cheese and more preservatives than I can even remember. That isn’t completely false. In fact, the shiny greasy layer of oil you see on that fresh slice of triple cheese pizza alone is enough calories than your day’s need. BUT, if made at home, you’re the master. Take a whole wheat base, put fresh tomato sauce, load it with veggies, and low-fat mozzarella and you have a pizza healthier than most boring things to try to stuff down your kid’s throat. In fact here’s a fun recipe; Pizza Rolls and  Fusion Pizza

Your kids will love you.

Unhealthy Foods You Should Be Eating
  • Peanut Butter

Nut butter is generally criticized for being filled with saturated fats and lots of oil, so it isn’t exactly something you should be consuming regularly. True. What’s not true is that nut butter is also an amazing source of energy. There’s a reason your kids want to eat a peanut butter sandwich, it’s because it gives them energy for all the vigorous playing they have to do. It’s very high in protein and has mono-saturated oils that make it healthier than many other spreads. Here’s a recipe for some nut butter cookies and  Peanut butter and flax oat squares with chocolate chips which your kids and you will love for sure.

Unhealthy Foods You Should Be Eating
  • Potato

This is everyone’s favourite! It’s such a versatile and delicious food and it’s popular among kids too! They’re said to have the waist-widening starch with way too many carbs, but they pack a punch. An average potato is 170 calories and is very filling. Along with giving you nutrients such as vitamin C, B6, and calcium, they’re also high in fibre and potassium. Baked potatoes are the healthiest of them all, and are the simplest to make. Try Baked-corn-potato

Unhealthy Foods You Should Be Eating
  • Hot Cocoa

We all know what chocolate does for us, despite its bad rep. But most of us are in the dark with regards to Hot Chocolate. Skip the hot chocolate packets you get in the store, but go ahead and take pure coco powder, with almond or coconut milk, honey and a touch of cinnamon. It’s the perfect drink for winters and is even healthier than tea or coffee! Don’t forget that your kids will go gaga over this so make sure you stock up for the winters.

Unhealthy Foods You Should Be Eating
  • Cheese and Wine

Anyone who tells you cheese and wine are unhealthy when consumed alone (or together), do not listen to them. Cheese and wine are two of nature’s most beautiful gifts. If you wanna keep an eye on your cheese intake, Parmesan should be your go-to! It packs so much calcium and just enough protein. And as far as red wine goes, it helps cut down cholesterol. A glass a day should keep you going. Do you really need any more reason to have it?

Unhealthy Foods You Should Be Eating
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