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Thelawala #1 - Suri Elneer Wala

Thelawala #1 - Suri Elneer Wala

This being my first post about street food, is dedicated to “Suri Elneer Wala” who is located right in front of my apartment and I have developed a better customer relationship with him and hence got a privilege to talk to him about his green business. His thela (cart)  is located on CMH Road Indiranagar, Bangalore in front of Nandanam apartment next to Amar Jyothi nursing  home (Giving you the full address so that you can easily spot his cart, overloaded with green and fresh coconut).

If you happen to cross this road and are in a mood to spend Rs 25 on a bottle of aerated drinks then try out his coconut water. Definitely next questions is : why am I promoting him ,when there are so many coconut water  sellers across Bangalore? Yes!! I am promoting him as mentioned above  I have developed a customer relationship,  second his rates are always less as compared to any El-neer (Coconut in Kanada) seller on the road guaranteed by ISFAK (Indian street food association owned by Kirti). So save few bucks ..enjoy the shade of the tree and smiling face of Suri which will help you to start your sunny journey again.

Quick Bites for those who are not interested in reading the above lines and wish to head toward the Thela straightaway:

  • Name of seller :Suri coconut wala
  • Location : Front of Nandanam Apt ,CMH Road Indiranagar Bangalore, between Amarjyothi Nursing home and Lotus Diagnostic centre.
  • Timing :Everyday from 7 AM - 9 PM (from past 7 Years).
  • Price: Rs 15 per coconut (Price may vary due to inflation).
  • Free: Shade of Tree and Suri’s Smile, Local Google Map advisor (Knows address of all the places and ways to reach there.)
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