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The 'last' Supper

Dedicated to My Special One
The 'last' Supper

It was 5 years back, the last supper it was for me, last supper of my non-vegetarian food. It had been a while now since my taste bud savoured non-Veg ignoring the fact that once my sister unintentionally made me eat chicken salad a year back though I did not swallow it but I threw it out.

The last time, was a Wednesday too. I had decided that it was going to be the last time but with the years of wisdom, I have realised that when it is about food, it can never be the last time. Chicken Nuggets from ‘Republic of Chicken’, Noida was the venue of my last supper. That time it was the only closest place where I could walk anytime. I was not allowed to get non-Veg food inside the house so it was all the more difficult for me to have it alone outside. I had the company of my dad earlier for our non-Veg eat outs, but he left eating much before me because of some of his reasons. By the way I also left for those reasons which I don’t regret. One of the hardest things is leaving to eat something that you love and yet you leave especially non-vegetarian. It sounds as if I have meditated my whole life and gained the ultimate wisdom of enlightenment.

I still remember that night when I went alone to have the nuggets and I was allowed to get it home, not because it was the last time but ‘coz no one was home. Nevertheless I felt less alone at home being alone. And then, I opened the pack of the hot nuggets. The aroma of chicken filled my nose and I attacked on them. Those 8 pcs were like nothing else that time, with the crispness and the juicy flavour of perfectly cooked chicken captured all my senses. And as I was starting to like it more, they were gone, finished and now I was left with only the pack. I had finished them in such a short while.

Now with the same wisdom, I thought a lot and came to a conclusion that it’s time for me to resume to my foodie habits. Today I have started with it again, the lost taste is back, the last supper of my non-Veg meal will not be the last anymore now, because now I finally had my ‘Chicken’.  It took me time to decide from where to start and after 2 days of struggle, I finally tasted the much awaited KFC Chicken. I ordered Chicken Popcorn and a new company I had. She had tasted it earlier so I thought it would be great if I get that. I got the box in which KFC serves and we both were in a bit of shock as it was smaller than expected for more than a 100 bucks. I took the first bite this time, usually she takes but it was special again.

I had the first bite and it was just like the old days, amazingly beautiful taste that made me crave. The crispy pieces with a tang of the spices which was coming with each bite. I had the first piece with utmost patience ever with my eyes closed ignoring she was even sitting. It was like I went back in time in my good kid days. It was golden, juicy, tangy, crispy, and sumptuous with inside and out cooked to the best. They served it with ketchup but who eats chicken with ketchup, rather an odd combination. I took a bite with ketchup and it tasted like ‘paneer’?! Weird it tasted with it so I recommend not to try it with ketchup, unless you want to waste that lovely chicken. I took each slowly letting my taste buds get that taste back. And I didn’t know to feel good or bad as she did not eat more than a bite!

She said “I don’t like it today, it tastes like rubber”, and I was like totally shocked, here I’m having it after years and she simply said it’s not good. I finished it but I didn’t enjoy it, not that much as she did not eat anything properly and I had spoilt our meal together because of my wisdom. Maybe I will not have it in future, maybe!

Though, the wisdom can inspire anyone and this time I hope it inspires her and I have my fingers crossed. Stay Tuned!! ;)

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<3 Simply amazing...The way you have put it is just great! :)

Aman Garg