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The First Food

The First Food

Dal makhani, kadai pander, chole bahute, gol gappe, ice cream, cakes, burger, pizzas and the list is countless but have you ever thought, what's the first food which we have tasted? The best and most nutritious food, completely uncontaminated and purer than so claimed organic food.

Who wrote the recipe? What's the composition?

I realized and appreciated all the questions and went to find the answers after my little angel was born and I was asked to breast feed her.Thank you God!! For creating such a wonderful gift of love which every mother gives to her kid and it helps to develop the emotional bond between them. The first MILK or mother's milk contains colostrum which has a substance called secretory immunoglobulin and it helps the kid to develop a strong immune system.

I know I am going to technical but it's recommended that if a new born is breastfed at least for first six months it protects the baby for life time.There are international bodies which are working to promote this thought so that the world is full of healthy and happy kids. To name few.
1) International lactation consultant association ( )
2) La Leche league international (

Unfortunately so many infants in India die due to lack of breast milk. India's infant mortality rate is 46.07( Number of Kids death per 1000 kids) and ranks 50 among 221 counties which is very high for  India and this can be reduced to half with just a small effort which is called "Milk Donation". We have heard about blood donation and organ donation as lifesaving acts similarly human milk donation would save a new life. 
 All breast feeding mums can donate extra milk to needy kid .USA has many milk donation banks but alas!!  India has only 8 of them which are working tirelessly to make a change.

This is god’s gift and blessed are the kids who get that but with awareness and support we can save many more lives.Read one inspiring article 

Request all the readers to talk about it and spread awareness. Together we CAN!!!.

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