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The Big Bangalore Food Truck Invasion

The Big Bangalore Food Truck Invasion

Food trucks are taking Bangalore with a storm! They are the up and coming face of the food landscape in a metropolitan city such as ours. So, it isn’t very difficult to understand why the Food Truck Street Fiesta was such a hit with Bangaloreans! There were droves of people at Swami Vivekananda Station on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (4th, 5th, and 6th of March 2016). The crowds only keep getting larger every week so make sure you don’t miss out this weekend! Here’s what’s in store at the fiesta!

1) Road Kill 

The widely acclaimed Road Kill has made its mark in Bangalore! They serve authentic recipes of Colonial Anglo-Indian Cuisines, so if you’re looking for a taste that takes you on a journey through time, Road Kill is for you! Their subs and fries are a clear hit! You better stand in line because this food truck is teeming with people excited to try out everything! Plus point, it’s so light on the pocket; you’ll want to try everything. P.S. They’re the ones responsible for the delight that is the Food Truck Street Fiesta!

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2) The Bite Club

This little mobile eatery is another delight among the masses. A crowd favourite with their burgers and hotdogs, and delicious bacons and hash browns! Their prices are unbelievable and their customer service is commendable. Head over to the Fiesta and make sure to try their delicious (and huge) chicken burger and the lip- smacking bacon fries.

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3) Gypsy Kitchen

The name sure is an inviting (and apt) one. They’re mostly stationed in HSR layout but they’ll be there at the Fiesta and oh! The scent of food coming from the kitchen will leave you with hunger pangs! This one’s got a long waiting line so you better buck up and get ready for some AMAZING Gypsy Sandwich and Hotdogs.

Catch them here for more updates.

4) Truckafe

What is it with food trucks and their innovative names? This is another beautiful play on words. In less than a year, Truckafe has taken over the food truck scene! It’s mostly stationed in Ulsoor, but it’s always a fun game to spot them in the nearby areas. With a delicious menu which includes Cheese Fries, Flafel Burder (with grilled pineapple), Blue Buffalo Wings which will leave you craving for more, they’ve been an instant hit at the Fiesta! P.S. They’ve got Red Velvet Pancakes for the sinner in you!

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5) StickSnax

This one’s for those who are looking for some delicious, finger-licking snacks at very good prices! As the name suggests, it’s all your snacks on a stick! Their Potato Tornadoes were clearly a crowd (and kids) favourite. Their cheese pops were no less. Everyone was walking around with a bunch of those, and boy, they’re generous with their cheese. If you miss the food truck, you can visit them at their eatery in R.T. Nagar too!

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6) The Rolling Chef

The friendliest chef and the most amazing food are both right here! Serving up some yummy indo-Chinese and fast food, they’re another crowed favourite. Their crab sticks and virgin mojito were the most sought after! Burgers, Hotdogs, along with fries and the most sinful dish I have laid my eyes upon, Fried Oreos with Ice Cream.

If you haven’t had a chance to taste a bit of heaven, you need to head over asap!

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