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Tea Or Coffee: What’s Your Kryptonite?

Tea Or Coffee: What’s Your Kryptonite?

It’s the age old debate. Are you a Tea Person? Or is coffee your drug of choice? Health fads are nothing new. Every once in a while, something new comes along and everyone is on the bandwagon before you know it! But in the case of this rivalry, neither side ever seems to win.

Most people like to give it a more hostile turn by questioning which is better! As if either of them threatens to take away a life. Sorry to burst the bubble, but tea and coffee are both natural and healthy morning pick-me-ups that many choose to consume even in the evenings. They’ve become a staple everywhere and it’s a rarity to find someone who doesn’t like either or loves both equally. I fall into the latter category! The problem with that is that I’m not accepted into either of the groups. So let’s weigh in tea and coffee and decide once and for all, what beverage is better!

Now comes the next question, what makes one better than the other? Are we talking about health benefits? Or are we just scratching the surface and saying that the taste is what determines the quality? Is aroma a deciding factor? Is one cheaper than the other? That maybe, maybe not. Or do we do a holistic comparison, taking into consideration every minute detail? Yes, we do just that!

Taste/ Aroma 

Since this is such a subjective measure it becomes difficult to understand how to measure the differences. However, the general belief remains that the smell of freshly ground coffee beans offers an attractive aroma and the scent of offers a more relaxed feeling. So, whichever feeling you’re looking to cater to, you’ve got options for both. The flavours balance out pretty much the same. The coffee being stronger and versatile, whereas the tea being more stable and strict.

• Price

There’s no doubt that tea has always been cheaper than coffee. Due to less demand and more produce obviously, but also because of the production process. Coffee beans require much more processing than tea leaves do. Its leaves over beans in this case, but since this is a comparison of demand and supply, the one more in demand is clearly coffee.

• Benefits

They both are strong anti-oxidants that are very easy to mess up. Too much sugar and milk in that tea, and it’s lost all it has to offer! Not diluting the coffee enough could lead to a caffeine overdose. Also contrary to popular belief, tea and coffee both have caffeine; however in one it is more concentrated than the other. They both help with good metabolism and even detox, to a certain extent.

However, having compared the different criteria, another question comes to mind. Is this the time to renounce this debate and energize a different way? Are there other alternatives to the two most loved beverages in the world? Do they have competitors?

It seems like they don’t. Tea and coffee will always have a rivalry and one will always be on par with the other. So why the pointless debate over which is better when we all know wine is the answer!

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