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Swaad Bhaare, Shakti Bhaare Parle-g G Means Genius

Dedicated to Everyone
Swaad Bhaare, Shakti Bhaare Parle-g G Means Genius

It’s time to say thank you again to everything in my kitchen which makes my cooking life so beautiful. When I got my monthly grocery as a cautious customer I thought to check all the items and smiled back after looking at our very own “PARGLE-G” and felt nostalgic. Our childhood was incomplete without Swaad Bhaare , Shkati Bhaare PARLE-G G means genius ( I am sure you would have sung this line). Morning Milk was served with this sweet treat and my brother and I used to compete to eat the maximum without dropping the biscuit in the milk. Actually this biscuit has taught us the best lesson of time management because there is a right time to dip and soak and if you don’t do it like a pro it will drop in the milk.

Do you guys remember those wax paper which has now changed to Plastic Wrapper but I am glad that the product inside has still not changed and same is the Kid on that Packet. I wondered that the kid would have become old by now and googled to find that it was just an illustration made by an Everest creative back in the 60s.

People have created their own stories about the kid being a girl and assigned names of their own.  Do you know Parle- G is the world number ONE brand in biscuits as per Nelson 2012 report? Thanks to all the Indian across the globe for making this brand as our morning starter.  Can’t imagine my childhood without it. If you feel the same do post your mesmerizing memories. 

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