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Story Of Miss Tex-mex

Story Of Miss Tex-mex

Hello Foodies, I am continental-fusion Tex-Mex Alcapurria.  Wow!! That’s one mouthful of a name and the moment my chef gave me this name, I was sure a gala feast was in the offering.

Oh God these crazy chefs. I was actually hiding myself in the lanes of Puerto Rico (A small Caribbean island with white sandy beaches) and this curious chef in India kept searching the internet to find something unique and different (or may be not so different from our Indian cuisine)  but the name definitely had to be exotic, soul-searching and tempting enough to get a look from the viewers.

I felt like shouting back “Why don’t you eat your Idli-Sambhar or that oily chole-Bhature and Onion pakodas, and leave me in my own country?” All thanks to internet and Google, people are preposterous enough to search different and unique recipes and don’t hesitate to try them out even if the ingredient is out of stock or not available in their own country. But do you think he will listen to me? No Way, After all he has to impress 70,000+ people. Really? Is he going to make so much quantity and even if I assume that he is able to make it in such mammoth servings where will he find these people. Is he going to call a feast? I was a bit apprehensive about this. What if he screws it up and the taste doesn’t come out as expected. Then everyone would just blame me and my origins. But alas, he started chopping all the ingredients and with lots of endeavour and patience (I must say he took full care of me) I was ready to be plated.

I felt like I am going to a fashion show as the show stopper with lots of dresses (dressing and garnishing) tried on me. It took more than half an hour and I was on the plate ready to steal the show. While all this was happening I was wondering about those 70K people who were eagerly waiting for my appearance on the stage.

There I was on stage with all the fanfare and camera flashes. What was I supposed to do then? Should I pose or pout or wave, I was bewildered and kept lying silently on the plate waiting for my friends – the cutlery.

When will he have me? Another 45 minutes passed until he said “Voila, I have got my shot”. I felt at last he is going to eat me but to my surprise he ran towards his laptop. I peeped and saw that he was busy on his laptop. WTF (What the food), is he not going to eat me and did he cook me just for clicks. I was now missing my people and my country.

He was still busy on his laptop. “Wow 468 likes and 300 comments!” he said. I did not understand what he meant. This drama continued for 3 hours. I lost all my charm and was completely cold. He was also too tired to see any more likes and comments. He ate me without saying a word or showing the same expression with which he greeted me while clicking my photos.

I felt sad and questioned myself. Why did he create me with so much dedication when he had no interest to eat and enjoy? In today’s world people have forgotten to enjoy eating food and more interested in showcasing for likes and comments. Part of me was left lying on the plate, ready to be thrown into the dustbin the next day.

Story Of Miss Tex-mex
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