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Slimming Without Gymming - How to lose weight without exercise?

How to loose weight without exercise How to loose weight without exercise

After a tiring day at work, none of us really like to bother about those nagging articles about gymming and exercise. Even fitness buffs lose stamina after those grilling 8 hours at the office. Or be it someone aged or with symptoms of spondylitis and arthritis, how do you explain them to not sweat it out in a gym. Staying fit is the need of the hour but not at the cost of wearing out the human body which has a limited energy span before it needs to be rested again.

Are you the one who often thinks of these questions -

  • “Can I lose weight by just dieting and not exercising?”
  • “Can I lose weight without working out?”
  • “How to lose weight naturally without exercise?”

These questions hide a common worry - how to stay fit in our busy lives without being exhausted by exercise. So let’s try to find some ways to solve such problems. But before venturing into any sort of lists, it is important to understand that there’s no complete substitute to exercise and yoga with respect to fitness and well-being. For people with very busy schedules, you might try to adjust some light-exercises or little physical activity in your day-to-day life, something that doesn’t exhaust you completely.

But then diet definitely plays much more of an important role if you don’t want to hit the gym. Researchers emphasize that diet has an effect on your weight more than anything else. So to lose weight it’s more important to control what’s going into your stomach rather than sweating it out in a gym.

Check on what and how you eat - Weight loss occurs when we burn more calories than we take in, but with almost no exercise, all we can do is cut down on calories in the first place. For maintaining such a healthy diet system and slim down, there are few things to be kept in mind like a

  • Chewing your food thoroughly and slowly,
  • Eating lots of proteins and fibers,
  • Keeping unhealthy foods out of sight,
  • Eating in small portions and eating without electronic distractions. 

A calorie controlled diet that includes all five food groups  - fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and dairy lead to healthy weight loss. You could also try taking intermittent fasts, but focus on small meals throughout the day rather than 3 big meals. Here is a list of some low calorie foods, which you can include in your meal.

Portions matter Portions matter

Count your calories - You should be aware of whatever goes down your throat and so counting and noting the calorie intake in numbers with a certain degree of accuracy would help in monitoring your weight loss regime. Figuring out how many calories can be cut out from your meal plan is important to lose weight; there are several apps and software to help achieve this. Just by entering your age, height, weight and activity levels you would receive your ideal amount of calorie intake, but make sure that you don’t consume less than 1200 calories daily as it can make you nutrient deficient. Mapping out proper calorie intake is the first part of any weight loss regime; follow the simple mantra “take in less, burn out more.” Fad diets never work! Check this list of Fad diets and do not follow them.

Slimming Without Gymming - How to lose weight without exercise?

Stay Active - Not going to the gym or not exercising at all doesn’t mean you could laze around without worry. To reduce belly fat and to lose weight naturally, being physically active is very important. Things which you can do are –

  • Try stretching out your hands and feet while sitting on your work chair whenever you have time.
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking or cycling short distances are both economical and beneficial ways to lose weight.
  • Try to run few errands around the home instead of hiring a helping hand.
  • Even jumping about to applaud your favorite team or playing with a child could be enough activity for the day.
  • Irrespective of the intensity, you could try some light stretching and jogging, also some simple aerobic and cardio exercises, or play that sport you have always wanted to, or just walk around; something enough to keep you on the move.
Slimming Without Gymming - How to lose weight without exercise?

Say NO to these bad habits - Cutting down on cigarettes and limiting alcohol intake is very beneficial for a healthy life and also to lose weight.  Avoid foods containing trans-fat or those which read ‘partially hydrogenated’ fats. These are found mostly in packaged foods and have been linked to inflammation, heart disease, insulin resistance and abdominal fat gain. To reduce belly fat, totally avoid foods with trans-fat. Avoid taking lots of high sugar foods and sugary drinks like soft drinks or artificial fruit juices. Too much sugar would mean too much fructose and these lead to overworking of the pancreas, in addition to adding on to your waist size. So cutting down on sugary foods and drinks is a very important step to lose weight and slim down. Also, try to avoid taking lots of salt in your food.

Follow proper cooking techniques - Cooking methods that use a lot of oil, butter, or other high-fat sauces or seasonings may sabotage your best intentions of losing weight. Try using little to no added fat. Steaming, grilling, braising, roasting and poaching/boiling can be tried as modes of cooking over frying. Switch to healthier extra virgin olive oil or canola oil, which can improve blood cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk for heart disease and obesity. Also, try coconut oil to cook your meal as this is the healthiest fat you would ever find.  Avoid deep frying or pan frying along with methods that use a lot of butter, oil, or margarine.

Slimming Without Gymming - How to lose weight without exercise?

Rehydrate - Staying well-hydrated is essential to weight loss. Take about 64 oz or about eight glasses of clear, sugar-free liquids each day. Fluids that would count towards the daily goal include water, sugar-free flavored water, Herbal tea. Green tea is also beneficial to cut down on belly fat and help with natural detoxification of your body. Start your day with two-three glasses of warm water and carry your own bottle everywhere so that you don't land up buying more plastic bottles. Try switching to healthy fluids like coconut water, fresh fruit juices (no artificial sweetening should be used) or just make a delicious fruit smoothie to slim down the delicious way.

Fresh juice Fresh juice

Destress - Stress hormones lead to belly fat and weight gain, so try relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, massages, or simply spend joyful time with friends and family. One of the most effective ways to reduce stress is having a good sleeping schedule. Sleeping seven to nine hours each night is essential for general health and wellness and is also important for weight loss. Try to go to bed earlier. Get in bed earlier to wake up early, remove all electronics — like phone or computer — from your bedroom. Practicing good sleep hygiene ensures you get the most out of your sleep. Getting plenty restful sleep is essential in your path to lose weight. Try changing your lifestyle and combine several methods to ensure a stress free happy life.

yoga and meditation yoga and meditation

So, these are some very effective ways to lose weight naturally without exercise or working out. Staying healthy is a way to keep our already busy life in constant motion and even if going to the gym is not an option for you, following these steps ensure you that there may not be any need to worry at all.

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