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Bring A Smile On Someone's Face - Share Your Plate

Bring A Smile On Someone's Face - Share Your Plate

I have always felt proud of being the co-founder of the food networking platform (I have always dreamt to be one), but slowly realized that if food cannot inspire me and I’m  not able to change myself, then I don’t have a right to even talk about how food has inspired many and how it can change lives.

I can talk and debate on endless topics related to food and close to my heart like food wastage, food sharing, donation, feed the hungry and so on but there is no point doing all this till I myself start doing something about it. And so, from Jan 1st 2015, I started experimenting with a very small act of feeding my maid every day who used to work at my house well past lunch time and then had to go back home and cook food for herself. 

2 extra chapattis, little rice, dal and curry which I served her everyday (sometimes I missed too) brought a smile on her face. Slowly I started giving extra cooked food (it was never stale) and uncooked food items (not expired) to the housekeeping staff in my apartment whenever possible. And what I got in return was their smiles and blessings for my little daughter. And now after practicing this act for almost a year I feel I can ask for support from all my foodie friends to bring a small change.

Let’s start this simple act of '#ShareyourPlate' where you can do big or small acts of food sharing and avoid food wastage.

Here are few changes which I am going to bring in my lifestyle and hoping to see the difference:

  1. I would keep feeding one extra person every day and hope to bring a smile on that person’s face.
  2. When I dine in a restaurant, I will take-away extra food left after we finish (which is usually the case, especially when you go in large groups) and give away to someone on the street/someone needy.
  3. I will put 10 packets of Parle-G biscuit (cost is INR 5 per pack) in my car every week, and would distribute it to the kids on the signal. Don’t forget to open the packet while giving them this would make sure that they eat and don’t resell. Total cost involved would be: 52 (weeks)*10*5(Cost of Parle-G) =2600 (which is less than the one time fine-dine)
  4. I will make sure my plate has no left over food. Serve less, take a second helping if required, but never waste.
  5. I will skip one meal each week (mostly dinner) and collect 4 meals a month to giveaway to someone needy/underprivileged in/around my apartment.

While doing these acts, I don’t have to go an extra mile or do something extra ordinary and so I will not make any nonsense excuse of 'no time' or the classic 'I am too busy'. And hope I can make a larger difference in years to come.

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