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Restaurant On Radar: Chokhi- Dhani, Domlur, Near Embassy Golf Links, Bangalore

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Restaurant On Radar: Chokhi- Dhani, Domlur, Near Embassy Golf Links, Bangalore

I along with my husband have been loitering around various restaurants in Bangalore and once we sat to count the names of all, I was amazed that we have actually eaten at around 300+ places but when someone asks me, my most favourite  or what’s best of that restaurant I would say ….AAAHHHH ! HMMM! And become completely clueless.

So with great effort I dug my brain hard to find the names of few places which I like the most.

For all my foodie friends and family, I would recommend this place and yes the list is non-exhaustive and I will keep posting.

Chokhi-Dhani: Setup in complete Rajasthani-style , This place offers entertainment, shopping and food all together. If you have visited Chokhi-Dhani in Jaipur, you would definitely want to compare but please don’t do that, as real foodie just loves food and appreciate the effort of the restaurant owner who wants to bring the same feel, without you spending the money on air tickets. What I love about the place is that moment you step on the staircase you will be greeted by the turban man who would make you feel that you are in Rajasthan, greeting is accompanied by emptying your pocket and paying the bill which I personally like because giving bill after you eat is like spoiling the taste of last bite.

When you enter the door you can see the magician who would do tricks which we claim that Ahhh! So easy I know the secret but I bet you can’t do that. Love the puppet show and yes they will also do oil-champi for free. (ok, money was already taken before) , Shop was full of rasjathani stuff and I felt it was quite reasonable. Looks like a place for whole family where everyone is taken care of.

We went with whole family on a weekend and it was the performance night. Two ghazal singers were singing like Panjak Udaas and yes now comes the food part…They will feed you till the brim of your neck. Awesome food with so much variety from Bajra Rotla,  gatte ki sabzi, chaas, rice, jalebi and rabri and they will load the pulkas with ghee.

I would say this place is complete entertainment and food will fill your stomach and soul with satisfaction.

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